Figure 3. A plot showing (cosq/cosq0) as a function of the parameter (slvt/m), where q and q0 are the instantaneous and equilibrium values of the contact angle. Data are from Al-Al2O3 at 1,100 K;67 Au-Al2O3 at 1,173 K and 1,373 K;86 Al-BN at 1,273 K and 1,373 K;72,87,88 Sn-Mo at 973 K and 1,123 K;72 Si-C at 1,755 K;89 Cu-C at 1,473 K;90 Al-graphite at 1,123 K, 1,223 K, 1,323 K, 1,423 K, and 1,523 K;91 Al-MgO at 1,373 K;92 Al-C (zircon-coated) at 1,273 K and 1,323 K;93 Al-SiC at 1,143 K;94 Al-Cu at 973 K;72 Si-BN at 1,753 K;72 Al-SiO2 at 1,173 K;95 Al-C (vitreous) at 1,100 K;67 and Si-graphite at 1,753 K.24

Figure 3


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This figure is a component of the on-line article "Wettability, Spreading, and Interfacial Phenomena in High-Temperature Coatings", which appears in the January 2000 Issue of JOM-e.