JOM: Volume 48, Number 9--September 1996

The role of sensors in industry is gaining more significance, especially in the area of the intelligent processing of materials. This issue of JOM reviews some of the new sensor technologies and their application in intelligent manufacturing. In keeping with this theme, the cover shows pulsed laser deposition at Wright Laboratory at the Materials Directorate of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Several of the authors in this issue work at that site.

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Emerging Sensors for the Intelligent Processing of Materials [p. 15]
James C. Malas and S. Venugopal

Sensor Principles and Methods for Measuring Physical Properties [pp. 16-23]
A.G. Jackson, S.J.P. Laube, and J. Busbee

Testing & Analysis:
Using Ultrasonic Sensors for Powder Injection Molding [pp. 24-28]
Derrick D. Hongerholt, Joseph L. Rose, and Randall M. German

Testing & Analysis:
An Ultrasonic Sensor for High-Temperature Materials Processing [pp. 29-31]
David A. Stubbs and Rollie E. Dutton

Testing & Analysis:
The In-Situ Sensor-Guided Process Characterization of Advanced Composite Materials [pp. 32-34]
Renee M. Kent and Mark J. Ruddell

Testing & Analysis:
The Simulation of Acoustic Emission for Metal Forging [pp. 35-37]
W.M. Mullins, R.D. Irwin, S. Venugopal, and J.C. Malas

The Status of Chemical Sensors for Hot-Dip Galvanization [pp. 38-41]
Jeffrey W. Fergus


Modeling the Micromechanical Aspects of Composites [p. 43]
P.K. Liaw and N. Yu

The Monotonic and Fatigue Behavior of CFCCs [pp. 44-52]
Narendernath Miriyala and Peter K. Liaw

The Micromechanical Modeling of Polymeric Composites [pp. 53-57]
Tsu-Wei Chou, S. Leigh Phoenix, and John A. Nairn

Testing & Analysis:
A Model for Predicting Micromechanical Interfacial Adhesion in Polymer Composites [pp. 58-61]
H. Felix Wu, Weiqun Gu, and Guo-Quan Lu

Research Summary:
The Fracture Resistance and Crack-Tip Micromechanics of In-Situ Intermetallic Composites [pp. 62-67]
Kwai S. Chan and David L. Davidson


Engineering Criteria 2000: The ABET Vision for Change [pp. 12-14]
George D. Peterson


In the Final Analysis [p. 2]
News & Update [pp. 4, 7-11]
Archaeotechnology: Roman-Era Copper Production at the Cerro Muriano Smelter [pp. 68-70]
Material Matters: Understanding "Patentese"--A Patent Glossary [pp. 77-80]
Meetings Calendar [pp. 77-79]
Consultants Directory [p. 84]
Classifieds [pp. 84-87]
Retrospect [p. 88]


Change of Address Form [p. 57]
TMS News [pp. 73-75]
Professional Preface [insert]
Division News: MDMD Edition [insert]

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