JOM-e Logo The following is a supplement to the article "Extrusion Die Design: A New Methodology for Experimental Design as a Precursor to Neural Networks" by Bhavin V. Mehta et al., which is as part of JOM-e, 51 (9) (1999).

Table IX. A Comparison of Error Indicators Between the Output of Two Different DOE Models and the NN
Avg. Error -0.5296 -0.1711 -0.4848
MSE 6.8264 1.88980 6.8000
RMSE 2.6127 1.3747 2.6077
Abs. Err. 1.8871 0.8431 1.8668
Max. A.E. 13.9267 10.1014 14.0047

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