Volume 28A, No. 12, December 1997

This Month Featuring: Alloy Phases; Transformations; Transport Phenomena; Mechanical Behavior; Environment; Welding & Joining; Surface Treatment; Solidification; Materials Processing; Composite Materials. View December 1997 Abstracts.

Alloy Phases

Discontinuous Cellular Precipitation in a High-Refractory Nickel-Base Superalloy [pp. 2443-2452]
J.D. Nystrom, T.M. Pollock, W.H. Murphy, and A. Garg

C-Ni and Al-C-Ni Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamic Properties of C in the Alloys from 1550°C to 2300°C [pp. 2453-2459]
L.L. Oden and N.A. Gokcen


Texture Development in Dual-Phase Cold-Rolled 18 pct Ni Maraging Steel [pp. 2459-2465]
Z. Ahmad, M. Farooque, A. Ul Haq, and A.Q. Khan

Building a Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagram of -CEZ Alloy by Metallography and Electrical Resistivity Measurements [pp. 2467-2475]
C. Angelier, S. Bein, and J. Béchet

Simulation of the Precipitation of Sigma Phase in Duplex Stainless Steels [pp. 2477-2484]
M.B. Cortie and E.M.L.E.M. Jackson

Interphase Boundary Precipitation in a Ti-1.7 At. Pct Er Alloy [pp. 2485-2497]
M.V. Kral, W.H. Hofmeister, and J.E. Wittig

A New Model for the Volume Fraction of Martensitic Transformations [pp. 2499-2506]
H.Y. Yu

Communication: Discussion of "An Analysis of Static Recrystallization during Continuous, Rapid Heat Treatment" [pp. 2763-2765]
V. Erukhimovitch and J. Baram

Authors' Reply [pp. 2764-2765]
S.L. Semiatin, I.M. Sukonnik, and V. Seetharaman

Communication: Reduction and Removal of Martensite Stabilization in Cu-Zn-Al-Mn-Zr Shape Memory Alloys [pp. 2765-2767]
C.W.H. Lam, C.Y. Chung, W.H. Zou, and J.K.L. Lai

Transport Phenomena

Discontinuity in Normal Spectral Emissivity of Solid and Liquid Copper at the Melting Point [pp. 2507-2513]
H. Watanabe, M. Susa, and K. Nagata

Mechanical Behavior

Numerical Simulation of the X-Ray Stress Analysis Technique in Polycrystalline Materials under Elastic Loading [pp. 2515-2525]
D. Chidambarrao, Y.C. Song, and I.C. Noyan

Effects of Morphology and Volume Fraction of 2 Phase on the Fatigue Crack Propagation of a Ti-24Al-11Nb Alloy [pp. 2527-2536]
Hyun Ho Chung, Chong Soo Lee, and Nack Joon Kim

Experimental Evaluation of a Polycrystal Deformation Modeling Scheme Using Neutron Diffraction Measurements [pp. 2537-2541]
Bjørn Clausen and Torben Lorentzen

The Effect of Processing on the Hot Workability of Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr Alloys [pp. 2543-2553]
G.E. Fuchs

Ductile-Phase Toughening in V-V3Si In Situ Composites [pp. 2555-2564]
G.A. Henshall, M.J. Strum, B.P. Bewlay, and J.A. Sutliff

Neutron Diffraction Measurements of Intergranular Strains in MONEL-400 [pp. 2565-2576]
T.M. Holden, A.P. Clarke, and R.A. Holt

A New Miniature Mechanical Testing Procedure: Application to Intermetallics [pp. 2577-2582]
Kazuhiko Isshiki, Zenji Horita,Takayoshi Fujinami, Takeshi Sano, Minoru Nemoto, Yan Ma, and Terence G. Langdon

An Investigation of the Effects of Interfacial Microstructure on the Fatigue Behavior of a Four-Ply [75]4 Continuous Silicon Carbide (SCS-6) Fiber-Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite [pp. 2583-2593]
O. Jin, Y. Li, B.M. Rabeeh, and W.O. Soboyejo

Correlation of Microstructure and Thermal Fatigue Property of Three Work Rolls [pp. 2595-2608]
Sunghak Lee, Do Hyung Kim, Jae Hwa Ryu, and Keesam Shin

An Overview of the Principles of Modeling Charpy Impact Energy Data Using Statistical Analyses [pp. 2609-2624]
R. Moskovic and P.E.J. Flewitt

The Effect of Consolidation Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Powder Metallurgy-Processed 2XXX Aluminum Alloy Composites Reinforced with SiC Particulates [pp. 2625-2636]
Keesam Shin, Dongsup Chung, and Sunghak Lee

Cyclic Deformation Behavior of a Transformation-Induced Plasticity-Aided Dual-Phase Steel [pp. 2637-2644]
Koh-Ichi Sugimoto, Mitsuyuki Kobayashi, and Shin-Ichi Yasuki

Communication: Analysis and Prevention of Cracking Phenomena Occurring during Softfacing of Brass on AlSl 4140 Steel Substrate [2767-2773]
Dong-Kuk Kim and Sunghak Lee

Communication: Fracture Behavior of Squeeze-Cast Aluminum-Nickel Composites for Diesel Engine Piston Rings [2773-2779]
Sunghak Lee, Seong-Hun Choo, and Meungho Rhee


Understanding the Potential and pH Dependency of High-Strength -Titanium Alloy Environmental Crack Initiation [pp. 2645-2656]
D.G. Kolman and J.R. Scully

Welding & Joining

CO2 Laser Beam Welding of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Thin Plate [pp. 2657-2662]
Akio Hirose, Hirotaka Todaka, and Kojiro F. Kobayashi

A Microstructural Study of Dislocation Substructures Formed in Metal Foil Substrates during Ultrasonic Wire Bonding [pp. 2663-2671]
Nikhil Murdeshwar and James E. Krzanowski

Interfacial Characteristics for Brazing of Aluminum Matrix Composites with Al-12Si Filler Metals [pp. 2673-2682]
W.P. Weng and T.H. Chuang

Surface Treatment

Effect of Substrate Grain Size on Iron-Zinc Reaction Kinetics during Hot-Dip Galvanizing [pp. 2683-2694]
C.E. Jordan and A.R. Marder

Effect of Phosphorous Surface Segregation on Iron-Zinc Reaction Kinetics during Hot-Dip Galvanizing [pp. 2695-2703]
C.E. Jordan, R. Zuhr, and A.R. Marder


Eutectic Reaction and Nonconstant Material Parameters in Micro-Macrosegregation Modeling [pp. 2705-2714]
Hervé Combeau and Asbjørn Mo

Materials Processing

Processing of AA3004 Alloy Can Stock for Optimum Strength and Formability [pp. 2715-2721]
Shixi Ding and James G. Morris

Direct Consolidation of -TiAl-Mn-Mo from Elemental Powder Mixtures and Control of Porosity through a Basic Study of Powder Reactions [pp. 2723-2729]
T.K. Lee, J.H. Kim, and S.K. Hwang

Composite Materials

Role of Cladding in the Notched Tensile Properties of a Titanium Matrix Composite [pp. 2731-2740]
U. Ramamurty, F.W. Zok, and F.A. Leckie

Phase-Stress Partition during Uniaxial Tensile Loading of a TiC-Particulate-Reinforced Al Composite [pp. 2741-2753]
N. Shi, M.A.M. Bourke, J.A. Roberts, and J.E. Allison

Dislocations in Continuous Filament Reinforced W/NiAl and Al2O3/NiAl Composites [pp. 2755-2779]
L. Wang, K. Xu, R.R. Bowman, and R.J. Arsenault

Communication: On the Creep Strengthening of SiC Particulates in SiC-Al Composites [2780-2782]
Farghalli A. Mohamed


Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, Volume 28B, December 1997

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