Volume 29B, No. 2, April 1998

This Month Featuring: Pyrometallurgy; Transport Phenomena; Physical Chemistry; Solidification; Solid State Reactions; Materials Processing; Surface Treatment; Mathematical Modeling. View April 1998 Abstracts.


Synthesis of Neodymium Aluminide by Aluminothermic Reduction of Neodymium Oxide [pp. 309-315]
A. Biswas, I.G. Sharma, G.B. Kale, and D.K. Bose

Surface Interactions between Fayalite Slags and Synthetic Spinels and Solid Solutions [pp. 317-323]
J.R. Donald, J.M. Toguri, and C. Doyle

Reactive Phosphide Inclusions in Commercial Ferrosilicon [pp. 325-329]
Q.C. Horn, R.W. Heckel, and C.L. Nassaralla

Formation Mechanism of LaNi5 in the Reduction-Diffusion Process [pp. 331-338]
T. Tanabe and Z. Asaki

Communication: Removal of Copper from Carbon-Saturated Iron with an Aluminum Sulfide/Ferrous Sulfide Flux [pp. 493-495]
A. Cohen and M. Blander

Transport Phenomena

Particle Suspension in (Air-Agitated) Pachuca Tanks [pp. 339-349]
G.G. Roy, R. Shekhar, and S.P. Mehrotra

Physical Chemistry

Thermodynamic Estimation on the Reduction Behavior of Iron-Chromium Ore with Carbon [pp. 351-360]
Mitsutaka Hino, Ken-Ichi Higuchi, Tetsuya Nagasaka, and Shiro Ban-Ya

Assessment of the Fe-Ti System [pp. 361-370]
Stefan Jonsson

Assessment of the Fe-Ti System, Calculation of the Fe-Ti-N System, and Prediction of the Solubility Limit of Ti(C,N) in Liquid Fe [pp. 371-384]
Stefan Jonsson

The Kinetics and Mechanism of the Pyrite-to-Pyrrhotite Transformation [pp. 385-396]
J.M. Lambert, Jr., G. Simkovich, and P.L. Walker, Jr.

Thermodynamic Assessment of Liquid Fe-Mn-C System [pp. 397-403]
Young E. Lee

Formation of Hexavalent Chromium by Reaction between Slag and Magnesite-Chrome Refractory [pp. 405-410]
Y. Lee and C.L. Nassaralla

The Influence of Basicity on the Solubility of Platinum in Oxide Melts [pp. 411-414]
Shigeko Nakamura, Kokoro Iwasawa, Kazuki Morita, and Nobuo Sano

Equilibrium of Calcium Vapor with Liquid Iron and the Interaction of Third Elements [pp. 415-420]
Bo Song and Qiyong Han

A Novel Method for the Determination of the Hydrogen Solubility in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Melts [pp. 421-427]
Á. Szökefalvi-Nagy, L. Stojanova, and E. Fromm

Henrian Activity Coefficient of Pb in Cu-Fe Mattes and White Metal [pp. 429-436]
Tom Zhong and David C. Lynch


A Correlation to Describe Interfacial Heat Transfer during Solidification Simulation and Its Use in the Optimal Feeding Design of Castings [pp. 437-448]
R.W. Lewis and R.S. Ransing

Solid State Reactions

Mechanically Activated Reduction of Nickel Oxide with Graphite [pp. 449-455]
H. Yang and P.G. McCormick

Materials Processing

Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Intermetallic Compounds by the Vapor-Phase Magnesium Reduction of Chloride Mixtures: Part I. Titanium Aluminides [pp. 457-464]
H.Y. Sohn and S. PalDey

Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Intermetallic Compounds by the Vapor-Phase Magnesium Reduction of Chloride Mixtures: Part II. Nickel Aluminides [pp. 465-469]
H.Y. Sohn and S. PalDey

Influence of Melt Carbon and Sulfur on the Wetting of Solid Graphite by Fe-C-S Melts [pp. 471-477]
C. Wu and V. Sahajwalla

Surface Treatment

The Effect of Iron Oxide as an Inhibition Layer on Iron-Zinc Reactions during Hot-Dip Galvanizing [pp. 479-484]
C.E. Jordan and A.R. Marder

Mathematical Modeling

Modeling the Heat Flow to an Operating Sirosmelt Lance [pp. 485-492]
C.B. Solnordal, F.R.A. Jorgensen, and R.N. Taylor

Communication: A Monte Carlo Approach for Simulation of Heat Flow in Sand and Metal Mold Castings (Virtual Mold Modeling) [pp. 495-499]
Laurentiu Nastac


Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Volume 29A, April 1998

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