TMS Logo Recipient: 2003 Institute of Metals Lecturer & Robert Franklin Mehl Award

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's Institute of Metals Lecture, established in 1921, recognizes an outstanding scientific leader who is selected to present a lecture at the TMS Annual Meeting. The Robert Franklin Mehl Award was established in 1972.
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Colin J. Humphreys

Lecture Title: “Designing Materials: From Turbine Blades to Brilliant Light-Emitting Diodes”

Biography: Colin Humphreys is Goldsmiths’ Professor of Materials Science at the University of Cambridge, professor of experimental physics at the Royal Institution, and director at the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre on Nickel-Base Alloys.

Prof. Humphreys received a B.Sc. in physics from the Imperial College, an M.A. in metallurgy from Oxford University, and a Ph.D. in metal physics from Cambridge University. He has received numerous awards and honors including the Hume-Rothery Memorial Lecturer (1997), Gladstone Lecturer (1999), Kelvin Medal and Prize (1999), and the Hatfield Memorial Lecture (2000).

Quote: “It is a great honour, privilege, and pleasure for me to present the Institute of Metals Lecture and receive the Robert Franklin Mehl Award. Robert Franklin Mehl was an absolutely outstanding metallurgist who combined world-class materials research with academic leadership and a great vision in developing a radically new curriculum for the teaching of physical metallurgy. He was also able in athletics, skilled in oil painting, and sufficiently proficient in foreign languages to translate a major book from German into English. Mehl was a formidable scholar who had both depth and breadth in his work. I am deeply impressed by his achievements, and it is a particular pleasure for me to be awarded this medal which commemorates his name.”

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