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EPD Student Mentor Program: Mentor Form

Experienced (active and inactive) EPD members of TMS are encouraged to participate in the EPD Student Mentor Program to help undergraduate students learn more about EPD and TMS and help them begin network-ing with other members. Mentors must be or have been involved in EPD at least at the committee level, have significant industrial/research experience but not exclusive of academic representatives, be suited for mentoring, have good people (student) skills, be interested and willing to promote EPD and TMS positively, and be at the 2001 TMS Annual Meeting.

Application Deadline
December 15, 2000

Last Name:
First Name:
Zip Code:
Universities/Colleges Attended:
Check the Appropriate Boxes:
  Male    Female
  I will attend the 2001 TMS Annual Meeting
What are your areas of specialization (select all that apply)?:
  Aqueous Processing Government Process Fundamentals
  Economic Mineral processing (specify) Process Mineralogy
  Environment       Base Metals (Cu, Pb, etc.) Process Modeling
  Metal Processing (specify)       Coal/Macerals Pyrometallurgy
        Copper, Nickel, Cobalt       Industrial Minerals Recycling
        Lead, Zinc, Tin       Other Research
        Precious Metals                 Waste Treatment
        Other (specify): Process Analysis Waste Minimization
                  Process Control
Which TMS/EPD functions will you attend (check all that apply)?:
  EPD Committee Meetings; Which?: 
  EPD Special Symposia; Which?: 
  EPD Luncheon EPD Lecture Student Affairs Committee
  Student/Faculty Mixer TMS Awards Dinner TMS Short Courses
  Young Leaders Reception Young Leaders Tutorial Other (specify):
What are your primary interests in TMS and EPD (check all that apply)?:
  Employment Opportunities Exhibits Governance (Committees)
  Networking Publications Social Events
  Technical Sessions/Symposia Other (specify):
Listing your professional interests expanding on and/or adding to the categories above:
Check the Appropriate Boxes:
  I have participated in a mentor program before.
  If so, How many? When? Where?
  I am fluent in a language other than English. Which?
  What is the maximum number of students you are willing to mentor? 1 2 3
Answer the following questions:
  How many years of significant industrial experience do you have?
  What specific topics would you like to discuss with your student(s)?
  What attributes should your student(s) possess?

If you choose to print and mail this form, please send it to:

TMS Membership Department
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
184 Thorn Hill Road, Warrendale, Pennsylvania 15086
Telephone: (724) 776-9000; fax: (724) 776-3770

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