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About the 1997 TMS Annual Meeting: Hume-Rothery Award Symposium and Award Presentation

February 9-13 · 1997 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Orlando, Florida

Orlando '97 Constitution and Thermodynamics of Monotectic Alloys

Symposium Program

Dr. Bruno Predel 1997 William Hume-Rothery Medalist:
Dr. Bruno Predel
Max-Planck-Instut für Metallforschung, Instut für Werkstoffwissenschaft, Stuttgart, Germany
Award Presentation: Monday, February 10, 1997
Location: 330B, Orange County Convention Center

About the Topic:

Many binary systems exhibit miscibility gaps in the liquid state. It is well known that melts which are passing a miscility gap on cooling, solidify to a regulus consisting of two layers. Such metallic solid bodies are not interesting for technical applications and have also scarcely been investigated scientifically. Genuine interest in demixing systems only arose as it seemed possible to prevent layer formation under zero gravity. However, experiments in space have shown that even under micro-g conditions, phase separation is occurring, but, in a different way as on earth and also not finely dispersed. Afterwards, there resulted an intensive disclosure of the thermodynamics and the kinetics of the separation of liquid immiscible phases. After the discussion of the results obtained, it is indicated how layer formation can be prevented and a finely dispersed structure can be realized in order to enable technical use.

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