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Simulation Techniques for Process Energy Modeling
- Doing it Yourself with Excel
A Short Course Planned in Conjunction with MS&T’13
Sunday, October 27, 2013 • 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
InterContinental Hotel Montreal • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thank you for your interest in the Simulation Techniques for Process Energy Modeling- Doing it Yourself with Excel Short Course. Unfortunately, this course has been cancelled. All those who registered will be receiving a full refund. The organizers of the course will be exploring options for hosting this course in the future either as a virtual class or in conjunction with another TMS meeting. Please continue to check our website, for the most current list of meetings and activities. If you have any question please contact us at or by calling toll free 1-800-759-4TMS (4867).

This entry-level course uses simulation-based techniques to prepare energy balance calculations in the production, utilization, conservation, and conversion of materials during processing. The emphasis uses simulation techniques based on practical examples, and relies extensively on the use of Microsoft Excel and Excel-based tools for the balance calculations. Course material includes a thermodynamic database, unit and stream conversion software, and a flow-sheet-modeling program developed especially for teaching process simulation fundamentals. Registrants will be provided with software programs for making material and energy balances for a variety of material processes, templates for specific applications, such as natural gas combustion, treatment of steel and waste recovery, with keyed-in references to published articles, textbooks and handbooks.

This course addresses the need to improve the energy efficiency of industrial process, control and minimize the waste material produced by industrial processes, evaluate the feasibility of conceptual processes or significant changes in existing ones, and provide a calculational basis for meeting emission limits imposed by federal and state regulations.


This course is designed for engineering and technology staff of businesses that operate industrial processes, the fuel and energy suppliers to these businesses, and the staff of consulting engineering companies that advise such businesses. Specifically:

  • Practicing engineers, whose background lies outside the process energy area, and who want to gain a better understanding of the use of simulation techniques to make material and energy balances, primarily using Excel.
  • Practicing engineers who use second-party templates for making specific emissions and heat balance calculations, and would like to be able to develop their own templates in Excel.
  • Practicing engineers who would like to experiment with specially-designed process flowsheet simulating software for making material and energy balances before hiring a consulting engineer or purchasing flowsheeting software.
  • Newer engineers who are asked to take on the job of evaluating energy use in a plant or process, and suggest ways to minimize it.
  • Students who want to prepare themselves for jobs in locations where energy production and conservation are important.

Attendees should have familiarity with the essentials of engineering and/or industrial chemistry, and some practical experience in industrial operations, as well as good familiarity with Excel.


Arthur E. Morris
Chief Scientist, Thermart Software


  1. Gaining knowledge of the fundamental principles involved in making material and heat balances.
  2. Gaining knowledge of the source of thermodynamic data required for making such balances, and learning how to manipulate such databases to convert the data for use in material and heat balances.
  3. Introducing and using simulation as a tool for process model development.
  4. Learning to use specially-designed Excel tools for computationally-intense applications.
  5. Extending the abovementioned knowledge to developing do-it-yourself energy balance templates and process models.


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