Materials Explorers

Materials Explorers™ is a STEM educational outreach initiative focused on exposing early high school students to real-world application of science and math concepts, while also providing them with useful advice on exploring specific careers in the minerals, metals, and materials professions. 

Thank You
Materials Explorers is made possible through the generous support of

Jeffrey Wadsworth
President and
Chief Executive Officer

To find out how your organization can get involved as a Materials Explorers™ sponsor, please contact Mike Bazzy , TMS Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications.


Making Science Connections that Inspire

The program content for Materials Explorers™ builds on science and engineering themes presented through comic book mythologies, science fiction films, and other pop culture references that can serve as fun and accessible commonplaces to engage students on technical topics. In addition, technologies that students are familiar with through their own use are highlighted  to demonstrate the impact of scientists and engineers—real-life “materials explorers”—on everyday life.

However, the program name, Materials Explorers™, actually refers to the students themselves, with all materials and resources focused on encouraging them to take a journey of discovery to a career path that is open to anyone, from anywhere, and from any background.

Content that Supports Teaching Goals

Materials Explorers™ is being developed as a collaborative effort among scientists, engineers, and educators to ensure that classroom resources and supplementary content are supportive of educational standards and teaching goals. The intent of Materials Explorers™ is to provide educators with another valuable, impactful tool that they can easily integrate into their teaching plans to enhance student engagement and performance related to science and math skills and concepts. 

Stay Informed

The Materials Explorers™ content and program structure is currently under development, with the official launch of the initiative slated for early 2018. Check back regularly for news and updates on its progress. For questions or additional information, contact Mike Bazzy , TMS Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications.