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November 2014
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CURRENT ISSUE - November 2014, Volume 66, Number 11
Energy and Environment

Aluminum: Recycling and Environmental Issues • Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications • Progress with Lead-Free Solders • Critical Materials: Strategies for Achieving Sustainability


Addressing Rare Earth Element Criticality: An Example from the Aviation Industry:  Anthony Y. Ku, Christopher Dosch, Theodore R. Grossman, Joseph L. Herzog, Antonio F. Maricocchi, Drew Polli, and Don M. Lipkin

November Cover Feature Examines the Multilayered Issues of Additive Manufacturing

Interest in harnessing the possibilities of additive manufacturing of metals has skyrocketed in recent years. But, can true, widespread application of this emerging technology live up to the buzz? Experts from throughout the field offer their front-line perspectives on the topic in “Layers of Complexity: Making the Promises Possible for Additive Manufacturing of Metals,” the cover feature in this month’s JOM. Another “don’t miss” article this month is an overview of upcoming changes to the metallurgical and materials version of the Professional Engineering examination. Also, be sure to read about the TMS Foundation’s first-ever Annual Appeal, as well as this month’s Meet a Member feature on Joalet Steenkamp and her exotic plant collection.

Get the Latest on TMS Journal Publishing in the October JOM

Several features in this month’s JOM: The Magazine are reporting news across the breadth of TMS’s journal library. For a quick look behind the 2013 Impact Factors numbers recently released for TMS journals, read "TMS Journals Score Impact Factor Increases" in the October New and Noteworthy at TMS section. Meet JOM’s new advisors for 2015 and learn about the content they are looking for as they develop their topics in this month’s TMS Volunteer Face Time feature. And, find out what F. (Shadi) Shahedipour-Sandvik is planning as the new Journal of Electronic Materials Editor-in-Chief. For a change of pace, take a look at this month’s Meet a Member to see how Lauren Garrison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, makes the connection between dance and engineering.

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