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October 2014
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CURRENT ISSUE - October 2014, Volume 66, Number 10
Mechanical Properties

Progress in High-Entropy Alloys • Multiscale Properties of Interface-Related Mechanics of Nanocomposites • Deformation and Forming of Joined Materials

Get the Latest on TMS Journal Publishing in the October JOM

Several features in this month’s JOM: The Magazine are reporting news across the breadth of TMS’s journal library. For a quick look behind the 2013 Impact Factors numbers recently released for TMS journals, read "TMS Journals Score Impact Factor Increases" in the October New and Noteworthy at TMS section. Meet JOM’s new advisors for 2015 and learn about the content they are looking for as they develop their topics in this month’s TMS Volunteer Face Time feature. And, find out what F. (Shadi) Shahedipour-Sandvik is planning as the new Journal of Electronic Materials Editor-in-Chief. For a change of pace, take a look at this month’s Meet a Member to see how Lauren Garrison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, makes the connection between dance and engineering.

Make Your Nomination Count in the JOM Materials Fiction Countdown

Share your favorite "reading material" with your TMS colleagues! JOM is compiling nominations for an upcoming JOM reader poll on the greatest works of fiction that prominently feature some aspect of minerals, metals or materials science and engineering. Read the New and Noteworthy section of the September JOM for details on the project and how to submit your nomination. In the meantime, enjoy a different type of countdown by reading Megan Brewster’s reflection on her Congressional Fellow experience in The Top Ten Lessons Learned from a Year on Capitol Hill. Also, learn why one TMS member has amassed 20 guitars and counting in Guitar Collecting Strikes a Chord for Alex King. Finally, find out about the countless contributions made by the TMS Accreditation Committee—and how you can be part of it—in Ron Gibala’s article, The Face of the ABET Accreditation Process.

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