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April 2014
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CURRENT ISSUE - April 2014, Volume 66, Number 4
Advanced Materials

Degradation of Biomaterials; Biological, Electronic, and Functional Thin Films; Nanomaterials: Electrical, Magnetic, and Photonic Applications

April Issue Explores Advanced Materials

Turn to the commentaries offered by this month’s JOM advisors and guest editors for a quick overview of the more than a dozen papers examining various aspects of this month’s technical theme, Advanced Materials. These include "Dedication to Degradation: The Beauty of Materials Designed to Lay in Ruin" by John A. Nychka and Jaime J. Kruzic; "Biological, Electronic, and Functional Thin Films" by Roger Narayn; and "Nanomaterials: Electrical, Magnetic and Photonic Applications" by Terry T. Xu and Jung-Kun Lee. From there, TMS members can log in through the JOM website to read the full volume of articles. Non-members can access this month’s open article, "Graphene: The Thinnest Known Coating for Corrosion Protection" by R.K. Singh and Abhishek Tiwari.

March Issue Highlights Computational Materials Discovery

To complement JOM’s technical themes focused on computational materials, JOM: The Magazine offers two features providing perspective on how these concepts are being implemented as part of the U.S. Materials Genome Initiative. The Materials Genome Initiative at the National Science Foundation (NSF): A Status Report after the First Year of Funded Research by Kathleen Feldman and Sean R. Agnew provides an in-depth overview of milestones and lessons learned through the NSF’s Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF) program. Meredith Drosback, the former TMS Fellow in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, likewise shares her observations in Materials Genome Initiative: Advances and Initiatives. Select JOM: The Magazine in the Current Issue section of the JOM home page for a complete interactive listing of the features open to all readers this month.

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