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Quality reviews are key to a quality journal. Authors who publish in JOM can expect a rigorous peer review process that will result in an improved paper and, for JOM readers, reliably high-value content. Following are some reviewer candidate frequently asked questions.
Who can be JOM reviewers?
Professionals in minerals, metals, or materials science and engineering, willing to share their time and expertise. The best reviewers are knowledgeable, thorough, and prompt with their work.
Why should I become a JOM reviewer?
People who volunteer to review manuscripts for JOM build their resume and their professional networks while they benefit from exposure to the most current research in their subject areas.
What are my responsibilities?
  • Read the assigned manuscript thoroughly.
  • Evaluate the quality of the work and consider opportunities for improvement.
  • Submit your written evaluation.
  • Re-review the manuscript after author has responded to your comments.
Where do I sign up?
Complete the application. Upon acceptance to our reviewer pool, your name will be added to the JOM reviewer database and made available to editors in need of reviewers. When you are selected to perform a review, an editor will e-mail an invitation to you.
The JOM Peer Review Process
Getting Started
Introducing peer review at JOM. Learn why and how to volunteer as a JOM peer reviewer.
How to Perform a Manuscript Review
From accepting the invitation to recommending action, key steps of the review process are explained.
Apply To Be a JOM Peer Reviewer
The first step toward volunteering: Complete this form to be considered as a JOM peer reviewer.
Manuscript Review Template
Download this template to guide you through the process of writing a thorough review.
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