2016 Call for Volunteers

Now Accepting New Administrative and Award Committee Members

Please respond by June 1, 2016

Volunteer Central: Your Guide to Volunteering with TMS
Volunteers are the driving force behind every TMS activity. The more members volunteer, the higher quality of every TMS event. But volunteering is also a great way for materials scientists and engineers to broaden technical interests, strengthen resumes, and give back to the profession. In short, when you volunteer with TMS, everyone wins.

This site is designed to help you get started as a TMS volunteer. Learn the benefits of volunteering in the "Benefits" section of the site, browse a complete listing of on-going volunteer activities in the "Opportunities" area, and find tools for new and current volunteers under "Resources."

No matter which opportunity you choose, the important thing is to get involved. Give back to the materials community, contribute to the activities you consider valuable, and see professional benefits for yourself.