Family Care Resources and Special Accommodations

TMS offers the following resources to help make traveling to the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition more convenient for attendees with family care needs.

Family Care Grants

The application window for the TMS Family Care Grant Program for TMS2020 is now closed. TMS will be offering Family Care Grants for TMS2021.

The TMS Family Care Grant Program is designed to help individuals who are incurring extra family-care expenses (e.g. childcare, eldercare, or care of a family member with disabilities) as a result of attending the TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The program can also apply to attendees who require personal assistance at the meeting due to a disability. A limited number of grants—up to $500 each—will be available to help offset expenses. Please note that only one grant per household will be conferred.

Allowable expenses include:

  • Family care expenses incurred at the meeting site (for example, childcare, eldercare, care of a family member with disabilities, or travel costs to bring young children or family members with disabilities to San Diego)
  • Extra family care expenses at home incurred because the primary caregiver was attending the meeting (for example, overtime at a daycare center, cost of additional babysitting or eldercare services, etc.). A signed statement by caregiver, including the total amount paid per day, is required.
  • Expenses incurred in bringing a caregiver (or family member acting as caregiver) to the meeting.
  • Expenses incurred by an attendee with disabilities to bring a family member/caretaker to the meeting to assist the attendee.

The following expenses are not allowable:

  • Attendee’s meeting registration fee, or mileage and travel expenses to and from the meeting
  • Meal expenses
  • Tickets to local museums, amusement parks, or other attractions
  • Pet care expenses

If the number of requests exceeds available funding, preference will be given to attendees with allowable expenses who applied earlier in the process.

Grant recipients will be notified if their application is approved by January 27, 2020. Approved applicants must send a list of expenses and receipts showing the extra expenses incurred by March 13, 2020. Please allow up to six weeks to receive your reimbursement.

For additional information, contact Lynne Robinson, Department Head, Strategic Communications & Outreach, at TMS.

Please note: There will be no TMS-sponsored family care services on-site at the TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. TMS does not sanction or recommend family care providers and does not assume responsibility or liability for family care services of any sort. It is the responsibility of attendees to thoroughly investigate all family care providers.

Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

Nursing Mother’s Lounge facilities will be available at the meeting. More details on access and location will be provided closer to the meeting. Please contact Jennifer Booth, TMS Events Manager, if you have any questions.

Additional Accommodations

For other special needs or accommodations, please contact Jennifer Booth prior to the meeting to discuss your specific needs.