Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for TMS2022 On-Demand Participation

This page contains information on how to format and record oral presentations, upload poster presentations, and provides general information on participating in the TMS2022 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. 

Notes on TMS2022 On-Demand Presentations

  • All registered presenters are eligible to submit a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by other registrants.
  • On-demand presentations can be uploaded starting in late January.
  • Because of wireless internet bandwidth concerns, videos will not be available to play in the session rooms.
  • Videos will be available beginning on Monday, March 14. They will remain available for viewing until April 30.

Oral Presentations

What is the format for oral presentations? On-demand oral presentations can be pre-recorded through the Bravura platform or through your own method of recording (such as Zoom, Power Point, etc.). Files must be submitted as MP4s. File size is limited to 500 MB. Please use the Chrome or Firefox browser when uploading your file. More information is available in the TMS2022 On-Demand Speaker Guide.

What are the time constraints for presentations? In general, contributed presentations should last 20 minutes. Invited speaker times can vary but may not exceed 25-40 minutes. Please do not extend your presentation beyond your assigned time. You can find this information in the e-mail that confirmed the date and time of your presentation.

Is a PowerPoint template available? A TMS2022 PowerPoint template is available here. The PowerPoint template is not required, so you can use your own if you prefer.

How do I record the presentation? Information is available in the TMS2022 On-Demand Speaker Guide. Note that you may use the recording tools in the speaker portal or you may record your presentation on your own using Zoom, GoToMeeting, PowerPoint, or other recording apps. Files must be submitted as MP4s. File size is limited to 500 MB. If your file exceeds this size, we recommend you re-record using the Bravura console, or compress your file.

How do I submit my recorded oral presentation? You must first register prior to submitting your presentation. Information is available in the TMS2022 On-Demand Speaker Guide.

How do I avoid having people save/record my presentations? Within the meeting platform, files may be viewed but not downloaded. Similar to an in-person conference, during the registration process all attendees are asked to agree to not save or record presentations from the conference. In addition, attendees are not able to use the Bravura system to record someone else’s presentation.

Poster Presentations

What is the format for poster presentations? Presenters should provide the poster in PDF format. Any visual aids which might clarify the results of your own work are encouraged. These can include diagrams, charts, figures, illustrations, etc. However, do not post your paper text. Note that graphics should be simple, colorful, well-labeled, and clear. Poster presenters can also create a 5-minute video to introduce their poster.

How do I submit my poster presentation? You must first register prior to submitting your presentation. Information is available in the TMS2022 On-Demand Speaker Guide.


I am a presenter – do I need to register and pay? Yes. You can register for TMS2022 here.

What is the registration deadline date for presenters? March 3, 2022. IMPORTANT: If you have not registered by this date, your on-demand presentation will be removed from the program.

I am a co-author, and the presenter can no longer record the talk. How do I change the designated presenter? This change can be coordinated by contacting TMS Programming staff at

Can I register and upload my colleagues’ talks? No, all TMS2022 On-Demand presenters must be registered for the conference in order to upload their talks and be included in the conference technical program.

General Information

Is there a TMS background I can use for Zoom? Of course. Visit the Presenter Tools web page for backgrounds, social media posts, and other information to help presenters make the most of the virtual experience.

How can I communicate with participants during my session? A message board is assigned to each on-demand presentation. You can interact with TMS2022 On-Demand viewers with questions or comments about your presentation on this message board.

How long will presentations be available to view? Presentations will be available to view through April 30, 2022.

Important Dates for Presenters

By what date do I upload my presentation online? The system will be available starting in late January. The final date to upload On-Demand presentations is March 9, 2022.


Please contact the TMS Program Team for more information.

What to do during the Annual Meeting

What should I do when I arrive? Pick up your name badge and conference guide at the Registration desk. You can obtain a receipt at this station. Please notify the registration staff if a stamp is required for the receipt.
How do I find my session room for presentation? The session rooms and presentations are listed in the Final Program, available through the TMS2022 app and on the TMS2022 website.
How do I access WiFi? Specific information about wireless internet access and locations will be available in February 2022.
Who do I contact with questions related to my presentation? The Technical Programming Support Desk will be open each day to answer any questions that presenters may have about the program. Specific information about the Technical Programming Support Desk location will be available in February 2022.
Are participation certificates available? Certificates will be available for organizers, session chairs, and presenters at the Technical Programming Support Desk beginning on Tuesday, February 29.


How do I provide comments about the meeting? All conference participants are asked to complete the attendee survey which will be sent via e-mail after the conference.
What if I lost my receipt? If you need a receipt for your conference registration, contact TMS Customer Service.
What if I lost my certificate? If you need a certificate of participation, contact the TMS Programming Department. Include the title of your presentation and the name of your symposium in your e-mail request.