Cross-Cutting Symposia at Extraction 2025

November 16–22, 2025 • Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Strategies for Decarbonization

Economic, environmental, technological, and regulatory responses to climate change impacts are driving industrial decarbonization by reshaping the conversation around Company ESG practices, social license requirements, government policies, and carbon pricing. As part of the Cross-Cutting Symposia at Extraction 2025, the Strategies for Decarbonization symposium will highlight best practices and proposed approaches to meet GHG emission reduction targets in extraction metallurgy. Participants will exchange emerging ideas about technology and process innovations, techno-economic and life cycle assessments, standards development, and financing schemes.

Key Topics

  • Energy & Materials Efficiency
    • E.g., waste heat recovery, comminution loss reduction, process intensification
  • Green Energy & Industrial Electrification
    • E.g., heavy-duty electric vehicles, mining equipment electrification, heating electrification, clean electricity production & storage
  • Low-Carbon Fuels & Feedstocks
    • E.g., hydrogen, ammonia, biomass, waste-to-energy
  • Carbon Capture and Utilization
    • E.g., enhanced mineralization, in-situ capture, direct air capture, CO2 transport and chemical upgrade


Chair: Nwike Iloeje, Argonne National Laboratory
Co-Chairs: Marc Duchesne, Natural Resource Canada, and Victoria Gosteva, ES Consulting LLC