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High Entropy Alloys: Fundamentals, Alloy Design, Properties, and Potential Applications

Planned for Fall 2022

Online Course

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Since their discovery less than twenty years ago, high entropy alloys (HEAs) have demonstrated exciting new property combinations. However, due to the vast array of possible combinations of elements, processing conditions, and microstructures, HEAs are still in the infant stages of identifying specific pathways toward direct implementation/application.

High Entropy Alloys: Fundamentals, Alloy Design, Properties, and Potential Applications is an online course that stems from the TMS-organized HEA World Congress and accelerator study on HEAs. Respected experts in the field have worked with staff to develop the curriculum and assemble world-renowned instructors.

What Is the Course Format

The course will include six, half-day virtual modules, presented live or on-demand, with supporting course handout materials.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Anyone engaged in projects that involve HEAs—both modelers and experimentalists—who want to gain valuable fundamental and practical insights and knowledge on HEAs. This includes scientists and engineers in industry, researchers and/or students at universities, and researchers at national laboratories.
  • Other stakeholders who wish to have a deeper understanding of HEAs could also benefit from this course, such as managers and/or department heads in industry, academia, government laboratories, and/or government funding agencies.

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Conference Sponsors and Organizers

This course is being organized by the following individuals:


  • Dan Miracle, Air Force Research Laboratory (Lead organizer)
  • Andy Detor, General Electric
  • John Lewandowski, Case Western Reserve University
  • John Scully, University of Virginia
  • Mitra Taheri, Johns Hopkins University
  • Cem Tesan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mike Titus, Purdue University

More details about the course's instructors and curriculum will be added. Check back soon!

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