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Radiation Materials Science: An Introduction to Mat

Radiation Materials Science: An Introduction to Materials Processes under Irradiation
Gary S. Was, presenter

Radiation materials science (RMS) is the materials science of radiation effects. Essentially, it describes the response of materials to bombardment by energetic particles or photons.

RMS is integral to any discussion of new reactors, especially for Generation IV reactors that have more severe service conditions than PWR designs. This webcast focuses on metals and alloys commonly used as structural materials in nuclear power systems.

Topics include:

  • Radiation damage process
  • Physical effects of radiation damage
  • Irradiated microstructures
  • Mechanical effects of radiation damage and environmentally-assisted cracking

Duration:~40 minutes
Broadcast Date: June 1, 2007.

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Publisher: TMS
Product Format: Webcast
Date Published: June 1, 2007


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