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TMS 2009: Direct Chill and Twin Roll Casting of Magnesium: Principles and Practice Course
Date: Sunday, February 15

Direct chill (DC) casting and twin roll casting are the two most important processes for producing magnesium wrought alloy products. There has been strong growth in magnesium wrought alloy development and a steady increase in wrought alloy production including a surge in interest in twin roll strip casting. This course will focus on the industry practice and fundamentals of heat flow and solidification in DC and twin roll casting. Mathematical modeling will be used to illustrate many of the phenomena and to indicate how problems can be solved and how optimum casting conditions for old and new alloys can be established.


Who Should Attend?
 Professional or technical representatives in the magnesium industry with interest in wrought alloy production; Researchers developing new casting technology or alloys

Attendees will learn about:

  • Industry context and history
  • Wrought alloys and products produced by continuous casting
  • Industry practice and equipment
  • Safety issues with magnesium continuous casting
  • Heat flow and solidification including measurement methods, mathematical modeling and water cooling
  • Stresses, deformation cracking and other defects in DC casting
  • Twin roll casting problems and defects

How to Register for this Course
Register by January 16, 2009 using the online registration form or download the Registration Form (PDF) and mail or fax with your payment. The cost for this course is $475 for members / $560 for nonmembers, which includes a meal.


John Grandfield has 25 years experience in light metal production and processing research in industry and government laboratories, including at Rio Tinto Alcan, CASTcrc and CSIRO, particularly in aluminium, magnesium continuous casting and metal refining. He has conducted technology reviews, optimized existing technology, managed technology transfer, and developed and commercialized new technology. Dr Grandfield is particularly experienced in direct chill (DC) casting including optimizing casting conditions for a variety of products including magnesium alloys. His doctorate thesis was on the hot-tearing of magnesium alloys during horizontal DC casting. Dr. Grandfield is the co-inventor of AirCAST, a new patented, gas pressurized, hot top DC mold for aluminium and magnesium. He has also been involved in twin roll casting of magnesium. Dr. Grandfield recently established Grandfield Technology Pty. Ltd., a technology consulting firm. He holds four patents and has published more than 50 conference and journal papers. Dr. Grandfield is chair of the Australasian Aluminium Casthouse Technology Conference. He earned his doctorate in materials science at the University of Queensland.

Dag Mortensen has been working on mathematical modeling with the finite element method (FEM) on casting processes for more than 20 years. His major activities have been on the mathematical modeling of the direct chill (DC) casting process of extrusion ingots and sheet ingots. Currently Mr. Mortensen is section head of Materials Processing at the Institute for Energy Technology in Norway. With co-workers, he has produced about 30 international publications in addition to restricted reports. Topics included heat- and fluid flow-modeling, grain growth during solidification, hot-tearing, direct water cooling and thermo-mechanical coupled boundary conditions during casting as well as secondary precipitation and microsegregation development during heat treatment. The mathematical models made by Mr. Mortensen and co-workers apply an in-house developed, finite element package. He has a precise knowledge of the code and of various applications of FEM methods and applied mathematics.



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