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1999 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 28-March 4 · 1999 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Diego, California


Booth #242, 244      Ann Arbor, Michigan

Since the National Cooperative Research Act was passed in 1984, numerous organizations have been formed to take advantage of pre-competitive collaborative research and development among competing laboratories and companies. In the more than fifteen years since the law passed, initial investment in this new experiment in manufacturing R&D has grown tremendously. At the same time, companies accustomed to "drawing down" public funds for manufacturing research are realizing that they are in a better position to drive the research, deploy the results and protect their intellectual property rights by funding research initiatives themselves-in collaboration with others who are also willing to pool talent and share risks.

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences is widely regarded as the premier model for collaborative research and development. NCMS is backed by some 200 corporate members and a successful 12-year track record in the formation and management of large, complex, multi-company manufacturing R&D programs. Since its formation, NCMS has launched hundreds of programs, leveraged the resources of more than 1,000 companies, negotiated some 30 cooperative agreements between government and industry partners, and returned to industry approximately $2 billion. NCMS's for-profit subsidiary, Technologies Research Corporation, offers complementary avenues for companies wishing to pursue cooperative research without relying on government funds.

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