2002 TMS Fall Meeting: Concurrent Proceedings

October 6-10, 2002 · TMS FALL MEETING 2002 · Columbus, Ohio





The following titles will be available at the Meeting. All concurrent proceedings volumes from TMS 2002 Fall Meeting along with other TMS publications will be on sale at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, outside Exhibit Hall C.

Mechanisms and Mechanics of Fracture
W.O. Soboyejo, J.J. Lewandowski, and R.O. Ritchie, editors

The complete range of fracture, from fundamentals to applications, will be covered in this proceedings volume. Scientists and engineers from around the world are contributing experimental and theoretical papers on the fracture of materials to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject. This volume will include sections on the fundamentals of fracture, fracture mechanics, probabilistic approaches to fracture, and advanced materials, as well as coverage of brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue, statistical approaches, advanced materials, and structural life prediction. This book will be a valuable guide for researchers and industrial engineers involved in the study of fracture mechanics, as well as to individuals performing failure analysis.

ISBN 0-87339-528-X
Approx. 260 pp.
Order No. 528X

Modeling the Performance of Engineering Structural Materials III
D.R. Lesuer, T.S. Srivatsan, and E.M. Taleff, editors

This volume is the third in a series of TMS Fall Meeting proceedings that cover current research and development in all aspects of modeling the performance of engineering structural materials. Analytical and computational modeling of all material forms, including metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, are covered, as well as elastic and plastic deformation, fracture and fatigue behavior, durability, and high-rate deformation. This book will cover the behavior of materials, including deformation response and fatigue and fracture; processing, including metal forming, casting, and heat treatment; material models; modeling of material and structure; and in-service performance. Material models, studies involving the validation of modeling approaches, and the use of modeling to study problems in engineering and science will receive special attention in this volume, as will work on advanced structural materials that relate microstructure to performance.

ISBN 0-87339-529-8
Approx. 361 pp.
Order No. 5298

Rapid Prototyping of Materials
F.D.S. Marquis, D.L. Bourell, E.V. Barrera, and M.C. Shofner, editors

This volume will explore the state-of-the-art rapid prototyping manufacturing method and introduce the newest materials developments resulting from this method. Rapid prototyping, also called solid free form fabrication, has grown into a mature manufacturing method used in a variety of fields. It is used in numerous materials systems that often cannot be processed by any other means. Furthermore, rapid prototyping has become a method by which new materials and composites can be formed. Recent examples involve the combining of preprocess processing with metal and alloy infiltration to form composite structure. This volume will also cover successful industrial and commercial uses of rapid prototyping and solid free form fabrication.

ISBN 0-87339-530-1
Approx. 361 pp.
Order No. 5301




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