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ISSI-2: Wednesday's Contributed Presentations

September 21-25, 1997 · Champion, Pennsylvania

ISSI-2 Logo The 2nd International Symposium on Structural Intermetallics (ISSI-2), sponsored by the High Temperature Alloys and Titanium Committees of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's (TMS's) Structural Materials Division will be held at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania, Sunday, September 21, through Thursday, September 25, 1997. The following presentations represent the contributed papers that will be held during Wednesday morning's Advance Intermetallics session and Wednesday evening's NiAl Alloys session. These presentations will be complemented by a collection of invited papers. See the calendar of events for more information.


The Mechanical Behaviour of the Intermetallic Ti2AlNb
Nandy and Banerjee

Environmental Effects on the Fracture Toughness of Ternary Cubic (L12) Titanium Trialuminide Intermetallics
Varin and Zbroniec

Phase Evolution, Stability, and Microstructure-Property Relations in Two-Phase Orthorhombic Alloys
Boehlert, Majumdar, Seetharaman, and Miracle

Platinum Group Metals Base Refractory Superalloys for Ultra-High Temperature Use
Yamabe-Mitarai, Ro, Maruko, Yokokawa, and Harada

Structure-Property-Application Relationships in Ruthenium Aluminide RuAl

Effects of Al on Omega Formation in Transition Metal Intermetallic Alloys
Shao, Passa, Tsakiropoulos, Miodownik, Manh, and Pettifor

Orthorhombic Foil Processing
Roessler, Wojcik, and Rhodes

Phase Stability in High Temperature Mo-Rich Mo-B-Si Alloys
Nunes, Sakidja, and Perepezko

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of 2-Phase Nb-Al-V Alloys
Horspool, Tappin, and Aindow

Structure and Deformation Behavior of Nb-Ti-Al Intermetallics
Fraser, Wheeler, Hou, Yang, Perungulam, and Bannerjee

Phase Identification and Influence of Morphology on Mechanical Behaviour of a Three-Phase (alpha2 + beta1 + O) Ti3Al Base Alloy
Shiqiong, Jianwei, Dunxu, Tiqiang, Zengyong, Baihe, and Yuanqiang

Mechanical Properties and Oxidation Resistance of Binary Al2Ti Intermetallic Compound
Benci and Ma

Oxidation Studies on MoSi2-X (X=Al, Ta, Ti, W) Alloys
Stergiou and Tsakiropoulos

Microstructural Characterization of NiTi based beta2/Ni2TiAl-based beta' Two Phase Alloys
Murakami, Warren, Kumeta, Koizumi, and Harada

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Al-Fe Alloys at Ambient and High Temperatures
Palm, Gorzel, Letzig, and Sauthoff

Microstructural Evolution and Oxidation of an Orthorhombic Titanium Aluminide Alloy
Kumpfert and Leyens

Fatigue and Fracture of Toughened Nickel Aluminide Composites
Ramasundaram, Bowman, and Soboyejo

Molybdenum and Titanium Silicide Based Composites and Alloys
Mitra, Eswara, Prasad, and Mahajan

Fabrication and Mechanical Behaviors of SiCf/TiAl Composite
Mizuhara, Hashimoto, Nakatani, and Shimada

Orthorhombic Titanium Matrix Composite Subjected to Simulated Engine Mission Cycles
Gabb, Gayda, Chatterjee, and Ress

Strong, Tough, and Pest Resistant MoSi2-base Hybrid Composite for Structural Applications
Hebsur and Nathal

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultra Ultra SCS Fiber Reinforced Orthorhombic Ti-22Al-26Nb Composites
Chatterjee, Roessler, Brown, Heitman, and Richardson

Mechanical Properties of Multi-layered Ni and NiAl base Intermetallic Composites by Vacuum Plasma Spraying
Takizawa, Yonehama, Sugimoto, and Kobayashi

Joining of Aluminides and Metal Matrix Composites
Brown, Roessler, Chatterjee, Heitman, and Richardson

Microstructure and Creep Resistance of Nb3Al/Nb In-situ Composites Produced by REP Powder Sintering and Isothermal Forging
Nomura, Yoshimi, and Hanada


Misfit Control in NiTi/Ni2TiAl beta/beta' Alloys
Peters and Humphreys

Creep Deformation Behavior and Microstructure Evolution of NiAl/Ni3Al Multiphase Alloys
Senba and Igarashi

The Effect of Volume Fraction and Annealing on the Strength of Cryomilled NiAl Containing AlN Particles
Whittenberger, Hebsur, and Garg

Effect of Deviation from Stoichiometry and Alloying on Deformation Behavior and Dislocation Activity in [001] Oriented NiAl
Mills, Srinivasan, Savage, Daw, Noebe, and Garg

Effect of Chemistry, Microstructure and Orientation on 1100-1400K Plastic Flow Properties of Hf-Doped NiAl Single Crystals
Garg, Whittenberger, Noebe, Walston, and Darolia

Solid Solution Hardening by Fe Additions to NiAl
Pike, Chang, and Liu

Microscopic Fracture Behavior of Single Crystalline Intermetallics
Güken, MaBmann, Thome, and Vehoff

Toughening Mechanisms in Directionally Solidified B2 NiAl-Based Eutectic Alloys
Misra, Wu, Gibala, Noebe, and Oliver

Progress in the Modeling of NiAl-Based Alloys and In-situ Composites Using the BFS Method for Alloys
Bozzolo, Noebe, Ferrante, and Garg

Development and Characterization of High Strength NiAl Single Crystal Alloys
Darolia and Walston

Implications of the Deformation and Fracture Behavior of beta-NiAl
Levit, Hu, Winton, and Kaufman

Impact Resistance of NiAl Alloys
Walson, Darolia, and Demania

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