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October 5-8, 1997 · JULIAN SZEKELY MEMORIAL SYMPOSIUM · Cambridge, Massachusetts

The following papers will be presented at the Julian Szekely Memorial Symposium on Materials Processing, on Monday morning, October 6th, 1997.

H.Y. Sohn, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
J.W. Evans, University of California, Berkeley, CA


8:35 am
Symposium Opening

8:45 am
Opening Remarks

8:50 am
Developments in Gas-Solid Reaction Analysis: H.Y. Sohn, Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Utah, 412 Browning Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0114, USA

9:15 am
Kinetic Analyses on the Rate of Gaseous Reduction of Single Particles and Packed Beds of Iron Ore Agglomerates: T. Usui, M. Ohmi, M. Naito, H. Kamiya, Y. Oshima, and Z.-I. Morita, Dept. of Materials Science & Processing, Osaka University, Osaka, 565, Japan

9:40 am
Numerical Analysis of a Moving Bed Reactor for Iron Scrap Melting: J.-I. Yagi, T. Akiyama, and X. Zhang, Institute for Advance Materials Processing, Tohoku University, Sendai, 980-77 Japan

10:05 am
Kinetics of Chromite Reduction with Carbon: R.G. Reddy and M.V. Klein, University of Alabama, Dept. of Metal and Materials Engineering, A-129 Bevill Bldg., 126 7th St., P.O. Box 870202, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487-0202, USA

10:30 am

10:40 am
Gas-Solid Reactions in Thermal Plasma Environments Synthesis of Non-Oxide Ceramic Powders: P.R. Taylor, University of Idaho, Dept. of Metal Mining, McClure Hall #203B, Moscow, Idaho, 83844-3024, USA

11:05 am
The Intrinsic Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Some Alkaline-Earth Carbonates: I. Arvanitidis, D. Sichen, H. Y. Sohn*, and S. Seetharaman, Royal Institute of Technology, Dept. of Theoretical Metallurgy, Brinellv 23, Stockholm S-10044, Sweden; *University of Utah, Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112, USA

11:30 am
An Experimental Study of the Reaction of Sulfur Dioxide with Pyrrhotite Produced by Pyrolysis of Pyrite: M. Dell'Amico, W.J. Rankin, and D.J. McCarthy, G.K. Williams Cooperative Research Centre for Extractive Metallurgy, CSIRO, Division of Minerals, PO Box 312, Clayton South, 3169 Australia

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