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Connect with a broad audience of professional minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers working around the globe. Browse our creative sponsorship opportunities below, and reserve your TMS2021 Virtual Sponsorship today!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Promotional Sponsorships

Registration Confirmation Email: $7,500 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

Place your banner ad on registration confirmation e-mails to attendees. Reach attendees before the conference with your company message. Sponsor receives a block of content at the bottom of the registration e-mail distributed to registered attendees. Includes logo and 200-300 words.

Know Before You Go E-mail Banner Advertisement: $7,500

An exclusive opportunity to reach attendees with your Banner Ad before the meeting. This important newsletter sent days before the conference goes live will provide information to help attendees navigate the online virtual conference. Your message will reach all of the registered attendees just before the conference.

Sponsorship Banner on Lobby Page: $6,500 (Limited)

Receive worthwhile impressions with an ad on the TMS Virtual Platform Landing Page, placed among all major destination buttons. Your ad will include a hyperlink to your exhibit booth or preferred URL. No more than ten ads will rotate on this tile. Banner rotates every 10 seconds.

Banner Ad on TMS Attendee Promotion Blasts: $5,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

Include your banner ad in the TMS2021 Virtual promotional eblasts. TMS will send out a total of three (3) e-mails counting down to the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Your company message can reach over 40,000 TMS contacts just before the conference.

TMS2021 Virtual Newsletter: $2,500 per day

Include your logo with hyperlink and up to 40 words of text in the TMS2021 Virtual Daily Newsetter. TMS will send out an e-mail newsletter each day during TMS2021 Virtual. Your logo and company message can reach over 4,000 TMS attendees each day, during the conference.

Sponsored Attendee Announcements: $2,000

Reach attendees directly at the conference with a sponsored notification. Attendees will be notified of your custom message by a megaphone icon at the top of the page, at a prominent time of the event. Available: 5 per day. 4,000 character limit. Includes company website link.

Educational Sponsorships

Lunch Tutorials at TMS: $7,000 (4 available)
Take your presence at TMS2021 Virtual further by broadcasting a 30-minute product demo during prime-time conference hours. With only 4 spots available, attendees will be encouraged to visit your booth during the lunch hour to watch your live demo, ask questions live, and engage with exhibit staff--mirroring the live exhibit experience. These demos can be recorded for further sponsor use and promotion. Tutorials will be held Monday through Thursday, Noon to 2:00 p.m. (Except Wednesday, when they will be held from Noon to 1:00 p.m.)

Student Trivia Competition: $5,000
The Student Trivia Competition is a materials-themed knowledge and trivia competition for materials science and engineering students at TMS2021 Virtual. Includes two (2) full-conference registrations. Sponsorship includes one (1) banner ad with a link to your preferred URL.

Thought Leadership Sponsorships

TMS works to bring thought leaders from across the globe to present their research and insights to an audience primed for innovation. Reach the decision-makers most closely aligned with your business interests by presenting your message within a specific technical programming session.

+ Additional Benefits
  • Two-minute sponsor company video to be played at the beginning of the presentation.
  • Sponsorship includes two (2) full-conference registrations unless otherwise indicated.
+ Investment Opportunities
  • Plenary: $10,000 (Exclusive sponsor opportunity; includes 3 registrations)
  • Light Metals Keynote: $7,500 (Exclusive sponsor opportunity)
  • The Fifth International Symposium on Nickel and Cobalt: $7,500 (Exclusive sponsor opportunity)
  • TMS-DGM Symposium on Light Weight Materials: $7,500

Education Tracks: $6,000 per track

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “The Program’s the thing…” and it couldn’t be more true at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Attendees travel from around the world to hear talks given in the 13 educational tracks held at TMS. TMS2021 Virtual represents the culmination of many months of strategic content curation with a program that brings top experts in the minerals, metals and materials community. Conference educational tracks address timely and important areas of interest. Includes banner ad on all sessions within the Education Track of your choice. 

+ TMS Technical Tracks
  • Additive Technologies
  • Materials Processing
  • Corrosion
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Physical Metallurgy
  • Light Metals
  • Characterization
  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Advanced Materials
  • Electronic Materials
  • Energy & Environment
  • Biomaterials
  • Materials Design

Networking Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships
Reach the decision-makers most closely aligned with your business interests by presenting your message within a specific lecture or networking event. This gives your company an opportunity to reach attendees in a more targeted way.

+ Additional Benefits
  • Includes sponsor banner ad and verbal acknowledgement at the beginning of the session during attendee welcome. Sponsorship includes one (1) banner ad with a link to your preferred URL, and one (1) full-conference registration (unless otherwise indicated).
+ Investment Opportunities
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Networking Event: $5,000 (Includes two full-conference registrations)
  • Structural Materials Division and Functional Materials Division Joint Awards Ceremony and Lecture: $3,500
  • Light Metals Division Awards Ceremony and Lecture: $3,500
  • Extraction & Processing Division and Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division Joint Awards Ceremony and Lecture: $3,500

Networking Session Rooms: $5,000
Connect with attendees by hosting a networking session room. Topics are chosen by TMS; choose the session room that fits your company best. Includes sponsor banner ad at your Session Room and verbal acknowledgement at the beginning of the session.

Morning Buzz: $5,000 - 2 Opportunities Available
Drive traffic to your booth by treating attendees to coffee! Give away $5 Starbucks e-gift cards to the first 50 booth attendees of the day and start your morning generating 50 leads. Host an optional 5-minute introduction or demo and post the giveaway link at the end. Sponsorship includes promotion from TMS via social media and as an agenda item to alert participants of your giveaway.

Scavenger Hunt: $1,000
Participate in this booth traffic game—a fun new way to engage attendees! As a participant, your booth will be designated as a Scavenger Hunt destination. You will have the ability to create a short survey that attendees must complete to receive credit for the virtual booth visit—providing incentive for them to truly engage with your content and offerings. Five lucky attendees will go home with a $100 VISA gift card.

Social Media Outreach: $5,000
Reach the TMS audience on social media and maximize your visibility. The social media package is a great way to stay in touch with TMS2021 attendees before, during, and after the conference. Social media posts get additional exposure with visibility on the official TMS social media wall.
  • Twitter:
    • 3 tweets exclusively about your organization
    • 1 tweet before the event, 2 tweets during
  • Facebook:
    • 1 Facebook post about your organization to TMS's followers 

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