Light Metals Programming at TMS2024

The Light Metals program, held each year at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, offers an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from the light metals industry and academia from all over the world and to learn about the latest updates on key issues in the industry. These symposia are presented as part of the larger TMS2024 Technical Program.

Light Metals Keynote Speakers Announced

The 2024 Light Metals Keynote session, Decarbonization of Alumina and Primary Aluminum Production to be the Metal of Choice, will be held on Monday, March 4, and will feature the following speakers:

  • Alessio Scarsella, Almatis GmbH
  • Abdalla Alzarooni, Emirates Global Aluminium
  • Martin Iffert, Martin Iffert Consulting Gmbh
  • Donald Sadoway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • James Yurko, Apple
  • Yasemin Esmen, Fastmarkets

View more details on the 2024 Light Metals Keynote Session web page.

Special Electrode Technology Session Announced

Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production Workshop: Step Changes Required for Carbon Anodes

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Time: 8:30 a.m.
Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, Windermere W-2
Session Chairs: Barry Sadler, Net Carbon Consulting, and Alan Tomsett, Rio Tinto

This session is designed to encourage interaction between attendees. The general topic of step changes required for carbon anodes was identified by Barry Welch in his 2023 Honorary Symposium. For each sub-topic, a panel of experienced industry representatives has been identified to present ideas and facilitate discussion. The workshop will include the following elements: 

  • 8:40 a.m. Panel Discussion: What is the ideal carbon anode + assembly design for modern aluminum reduction cells? What is the potential to improve anode and cell performance from a bottom-up redesign of the current anode assembly (i.e., rod and anode) from the customers perspective? Carbon anode requirements identified by smelter customers will be presented. Panel members will include Pascal Lavoie, Alcoa, and Daniel Whitfield, Boyne Smelters.
  • 9:25 a.m. Panel Discussion: Are we measuring the right things the right way in Carbon Plants? What are the development pathways for anode quality instrumentation systems? What is stopping more rapid, universal adoption of these technologies?
    Panel members to present/participate in the discussion include Markus Meier, R+D Carbon, and several industry expert representatives.
  • 10:10 a.m. Break
  • 10:30 a.m. Panel Discussion: What incremental and large step changes can be made to green, baked, and rodded anode production processes so the anodes add value to potlines? Including future decarbonization requirements, what changes to carbon anode production technology are needed to reduce variation, improve consumption rates, reduce GHG emissions, etc? Panel members to present/participate in the discussion include Markus Meier from R+D Carbon and several industry expert representatives.

This special session is part of the Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production symposium at TMS2024. Learn more about plans for this symposium through the TMS2024 Session Sheets

Light Metals Symposia Planned at TMS2024

Nine symposia related to light metals technologies are planned at the TMS 2024 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Learn more about planned sessions, presentations, and speakers for all of these symposia through the TMS2024 Session Sheets.

Advances in Titanium Technology

This is the yearly signature symposium for the Titanium Committee, which gathers titanium experts and researchers from all over the world. This symposium will address recent advances in titanium technology and serve as an international forum for scientists, engineers, and technologists from industry, academia, and research laboratories to share the latest progress and exchange ideas on the state-of-the-art in processing-microstructure-property relationships of titanium and titanium alloys.

Alumina & Bauxite

This symposium will focus on the importance of improving processes, reducing environmental impact, and addressing global challenges in aluminum production. Papers are invited on fundamental and applied research in a number of subject areas.

Aluminum Alloys: Development and Manufacturing

This symposium covers all aspects of the physical and mechanical metallurgy of aluminum alloys as well as processing methods (continuous casting is covered by Cast Shop Technology), product development, testing, and implementation of aluminum for end applications, including transportation (automotive, aerospace, and marine), packaging, and other key product segments.

Aluminum Reduction Technology

The high growth in production capacity and the continuing increase in cell amperage demands better and deeper knowledge of fundamental issues to introduce improvements in cell operation. Abstracts are invited on fundamental and applied research in a number of subject areas.

An Atoms to Autos Approach for Materials Innovations for Lightweighting: A Light Metals Division Symposium in Honor of Anil K. Sachdev

This symposium will focus on how microstructure can be engineered to address challenges related to lightweight product design and manufacturing. The talks will thread multi-length scale aspects of the microstructure starting from the atomic scale including aspects of computational thermodynamics in materials design and processing including aspects of plasticity and phase transformations in manufacturing.

Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production

The importance of changes in anode coke supply, increased cell size with larger anodes and cathodes, and cathode wear issues are just some of the issues facing the industry. Abstracts are invited on fundamental and applied research in a number of subject areas.

Magnesium Technology 2024

This symposium is one of the largest yearly gatherings of magnesium specialists in the world. Papers are presented on all aspects of magnesium technology, ranging from primary production to applications and recycling, as well as from basic research to industrialization.

Melt Processing, Casting, and Recycling (formerly Cast Shop Technology) 

This symposium invites papers on fundamental and applied research in the areas of melt processing, casting, and recycling.

Scandium Extraction and Use in Aluminum Alloys

New sources of scandium are emerging with potentially lower costs in the form of new mines, red mud extraction, extraction from nickel ores, and as a by-product of titanium pigment and slag production. Papers on scandium extraction and use in aluminum alloy systems are sought for this symposium, as well as papers on the metallurgy of aluminum scandium alloy systems and applications.

Light Metals 2024 and Magnesium 2024 Proceedings

Proceedings of the Light Metals programming at TMS2024 will be published in the newest editions of two long-standing and well-respected proceedings volumes: Light Metals 2024 and Magnesium Technology 2024. Many symposia require submission of a proceedings paper in order to be selected as a symposium presenter. Please see individual symposium listings for details. TMS2024 attendees will have electronic access to the contents of both proceedings volumes as part of their registration fee.