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What does it mean to make a donation to the TMS Foundation? How will your dollars help support the next generation of materials scientists and engineers? Read some of the stories below from past and current award recipients to see what support from the TMS Foundation means.

Pictured: Aeriel Murphy-Leonard

As a Young Leaders Award recipient, I was able to learn more about the process of becoming a leader in the TMS organization.
Aeriel Murphy-Leonard

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Pictured: Emily Proehl

The TMS Foundation impacted my career by enabling me to pursue an advanced degree in materials science and engineering with financial stability.
Emily Proehl

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Pictured: Jacob McMurray

The Young Leaders Professional Development Award is an opportunity to develop my leadership skills, present my current research, and grow my professional network, particularly with prominent Society members.
Jacob McMurray

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Pictured: Bevlee Watford

A national award such as the TMS Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award can often make a huge difference, providing much-needed acknowledgement that this work is important.
Bevlee Watford

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Pictured: Samuel Wagstaff

TMS and the TMS Foundation have been some of the major catalysts in my career thus far. I look forward to the further collaborations, discussions, and discoveries that it will inspire in the years to come.
Samuel Wagstaff

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Pictured: Jennifer L.W. Carter

The Society and the awards provided by the Foundation have allowed me to participate in and direct technical discussions that impact our community.
Jennifer L.W. Carter

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