Donor Profiles: Deepankar Pal

Deepankar Pal

"I think that the TMS Foundation is a good cause and if we do not support causes like this, new technologies such as integrated computational materials engineering (ICME), additive manufacturing, etc., will not be able to reach their required destiny as I feel this is the most important piece to ascertain success. The good thing is that TMS and the TMS Foundation, with their efforts, are enabling these young minds to come together and hopefully, if we all help, everyone can participate in exchanging ideas and work to enrich new meaningful technologies in a big way.

Giving or not giving is one’s personal decision and available financial circumstances. My two cents is that instead of buying things which we don’t need, invest in TMS and these bright minds so that you may learn something new from them, and also save some tax dollars."

About Deepankar Pal

Currently a chief scientist with Ansys, Deepankar came to know about TMS as a Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University. He then heard about the TMS Foundation from graduate students who received scholarships funded by the Foundation to present at conferences in absence of receiving funding to attend through their advisors. He is a member of the Foundation’s 40/40 Club, as well as the Titanium Society for Lifetime Giving.