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2nd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
Technical Program
July 7-11, 2013 • Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek • Salt Lake City, Utah


Gerould Young

The Boeing Company

Presentation: "The Importance of Materials and the Opportunity for ICME and MGI: Progress and the Future"

Abstract: Materials have been and will continue to be critical enablers in Aerospace Products. The complexity of aerospace products requires a great deal of effort (time and money) to characterize a material such that we can design and manufacture a new product. Powerful analysis and simulation techniques such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element methods, and computer simulation have taken prominent roles in our design cycle by reducing and focusing the amount of physical testing we do. These computational tools are now available to the materials and process engineer. There are many challenges to this community; how to use these tools to make decisions and learn faster, how to use this tool set to accelerate material characterization and manufacturing process maturation, how to integrate existing tool sets together across scales and disciplines to accelerate our development cycles, and finally how to develop the new work force and train the existing work force in use of these new tools. This talk will offer some experience and thoughts on how to address these challenges.

About the Speaker: Young leads the Materials and Manufacturing Technology Organization for Boeing Research & Technology. This team of 900 engineers and scientists is developing next generation materials and manufacturing processes for existing and future Boeing products.


Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) has received international attention due to its great potential to shorten product and process development time, while lowering cost and improving outcome. Building on the great success of the 1st World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering in 2011, this 2nd World Congress on ICME will convene ICME stakeholders – including researchers, educators, and engineers – to examine topics relevant to the global advancement of ICME as an engineering discipline. This conference will provide a forum for presentations and discussions centering on both computational- and experimental-based ICME related topics, including:
  • ICME in Practice, Issues with Application of ICME and Success Stories
  • Designing for Performance and Production, Virtual Component Evaluation, Process Chains
  • Data Storage, Standards, and Uncertainty
  • Fundamental Building Blocks of ICME, Computational Methods, Advanced Experimental Techniques and Model Validation
  • Education and Workforce Development for Future Growth and Application of ICME
The conference begins on Sunday night with an opening session. The technical program begins Monday morning with a plenary session and ends on Thursday morning with a panel discussion.


Abstract submissions are now closed for ICME2013.

If you have questions, please contact


Invited Speakers for Conference Opening Session:
  • Gerould Young, The Boeing Company
Invited Speakers for Conference Plenary Session:
  • Mary Brady, NIST
  • Prof. Surya Kalidindi, Drexel University
  • Prof. Peter Lee, Diamond Light Source/University of Manchester
  • Prof. Jian-Feng Nie, Monash University
  • Prof. Dierk Raabe, MPI Eisenforschung
  • Prof. Chris Wolverton, Northwestern University
  • Prof. J-C Zhao, Ohio State University
Invited Speakers for Conference Closing Session:
  • Prof. Mark Asta, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dr. David Furrer , Pratt & Whitney
Invited Panel Participants:
  • Dr. John Agren, KTH
  • Dr. Stephen Christensen, Boeing
  • Prof. Greg Olson, Northwestern University
  • James Warren, NIST
  • Dr. Matthew J. Zaluzec, Ford Motor Company
Invited Panel Participants for Closing session:
  • Prof. John Allison, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Julie Christodoulou, Office of Naval Research
  • Prof. Tresa Pollock, UCSB
  • Dr. George Spanos, TMS


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