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TMS 2013 Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis: The Definitive Course on the Theory and Practice of Primary Aluminum Production
October 20-24, 2013 • Doha, Qatar

This is the definitive course on the theory and practice of primary aluminum production. Participants will be enriched by this 4.5-day course, which will provide a comprehensive understanding of the electrolysis process, as well as an overview of the state-of- the-art aluminum production.

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Technical and project managers, superintendents, supervisors and operators of Hall-Heroult cells, developers of primary aluminum production technology, and anyone with an interest in aluminum production would benefit from this course.


  • Aluminum Fluoride Variations and Control
  • Anode Cover
  • Anode Effect Mechanism and PFC Emission Rates
  • Anodes in Cells - Their Reactions and Consumption
  • Cell Energy Input and Its Utilization - Part 1 Electrochemistry and Cell Voltage Components
  • Cell Energy Input - Part 2 Its Utilization
  • Cell Shutdown and Restart
  • Crust and Alumina Powder Dissolution and Cell Feeding
  • Current Efficiency Theory and Practices for Continuous Improvement
  • Diagnosis and Correction of Problem Pots
  • Electrical Safety in Potrooms
  • Electrolyte Compositions for Aluminum Production
  • Fluoride Emissions Control
  • Heat Balance Fundamentals
  • Impact of Alumina Properties on Pot Operations
  • Introduction to the Aluminum Electrolysis Process
  • Measurement Techniques for Pot Analysis
  • Measures to Control Metal Purity in Prebake Reduction Cells
  • Measures to Manage Pot Complement
  • Plant Tour to the Qatalum Smelter
  • Pot Control
  • Practical Cell Operational Problems - Questions from the Participants, Discussion and Sharing of Experiences
  • Preheat, Start and Early Operation
  • Reduction Cell Busbars at Increased Amperage
  • The Greatest Inventions in Aluminum Production in the 20th Century
  • Understanding the Variability and Control of Temperature and Aluminum Fluoride


LEAD ORGANIZER / PRESENTER: Halvor Kvande, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Halvor Kvande Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Steve Lindsay Alcoa, Inc., USA
Vinko Potocnik Consultant, Canada
Alton Tabereaux Consultant, USA
Gary Tarcy Retired Alcoa, Inc., USA
Barry Welch Welbank Consulting, New Zealand


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