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Symposia Proposals

Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference 2013 (LMPC 2013)
Technical Program
September 22-25, 2013 • Austin, Texas

The LMPC 2013 program will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Primary and secondary melt processing, including VIM, VAR, ESR, EBCHR, plasma melting
  • Physical property measurements of liquid metals
  • Casting and solidification of liquid metals
  • Modeling of metallurgical processes including heat/mass flow modeling of liquid metal and solidification
  • Ceramic, slag and refractory reactions with liquid metals
  • Refining, evaporation and gas/metal reactions
  • Fundamentals of reactions involving liquid metals in productions processes


Rashmi Bhavsar
Global Materials Metier Manager, Schlumberger

Presentation: "Addressing Material Challenges in Upstream Oil and Gas Production"

Abstract: The rising energy demand and our depleting hydrocarbon reserves have led to oilfield operations being conducted in extreme hostile environments. To bring these high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) reservoirs on-stream, there is a need to develop advanced alloys, where higher strength allows design of critical wall thicknesses necessary to counter burst and collapse of tubular(s) deployed downhole. However, the presence of acid gases coupled with HPHT, poses significant engineering challenges associated with corrosion, environmental cracking (EC) and possible hydrogen embrittlement (H2E), especially of high strength alloys. Various surface treatments are used to increase the system multi- functionality of the tools. As we are well aware, conventional microcrystalline coatings and surface treatments are constrained in their capabilities to provide adequate protection to exposed metal surfaces from downhole corrosive fluids. Nanocrystalline (nc) and ultrafine grained (UFG) metals and alloys are known to frequently outperform their coarse grained microcrystalline counterparts due to superior strength and wear (abrasion) resistance and in corrosion resistance as recently verified. My talk addresses early use of 13Cr ss, Nickel based CRAs, current practices and then technology gaps in alloy requirements for deep-water and sour HPHT. Increasing regulations require better completion designs, smarter tools and reliable equipment for long term reliable service. This presentation discusses past, present and future material challenges we face in upstream oil and gas production.

About the Speaker: Bhavsar has been with Schlumberger for 31 years. He is primarily responsible for materials development and technology road maps for HPHT and deep water markets. His experience involves material selection, corrosion, welding, validation testing, etc. in completion and service tools and is well recognized within the operator and equipment manufacturer’s materials community in the exploration and production side of business.


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