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June 29 – July 2, 2014 • Annecy, France

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2nd International Congress on 3D Materials Science 2014
June 29 – July 2, 2014 • Annecy, France

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The 3D Materials Science technical program will include plenary, keynote and invited lectures and contributed presentations on these symposia topics:
  • Experimental techniques for 3D data acquisition
  • Advances in reconstruction algorithms
  • Image processing and digital representation of 2D and 3D microstructural data
  • Advances in 3D materials modeling
  • Microstructure property relationships in 3D
  • 3D interfaces and microstructural evolution
  • Future directions & challenges for 3D materials science


The abstract submission site is now closed. We are no longer accepting abstracts.


Peter Voorhees
Northwestern University, USA

Presentation: Measurements of 4D Microstructural Evolution
Abstract: With the advent of high-energy x-ray sources it is now possible to follow microstructural evolution in three dimensions and as a function of time (4D). The ability to observe and quantify the evolution of a microstructure provides fundamentally new insights into this complex process. A key to acquiring 4D data is for the time between each 3D reconstruction to be small on the timescale for the evolution of the interfaces. Using a novel view sampling method and reconstruction approach, we show that it is possible to decrease the time step between 3D reconstructions by at least factor 16, with no change in the time needed to acquire a single projection. Using this approach, we have investigated the growth and subsequent evolution of dendritic microstructures in Al-Cu. Examples of the 4D results, and insights into the evolution of these two-phase mixtures during solidification and coarsening will be given. In addition, a multimodal X-ray imaging approach for systems in which the atomic density contrast is small and where accurate interfacial morphology is required will also be discussed. This has been applied to follow the evolution of solid-liquid mixtures consisting of initially faceted Si solid particles in an Al-Si liquid.
Philip Withers
Manchester University, U.K.

Presentation: Correlative 3D Imaging Across Time and Length Scales
Abstract: In recent years a number of techniques have been developed allowing 3D imaging for material science. These include non-destructive techniques such as x-ray micro CT (imaging of structure/defects), 3D XRD and diffraction contrast tomography (grain mapping) and spatially resolved x-ray diffraction (imaging of stress state and phase fractions) at length scales ranging from tens of centimetres to microns, as well as higher resolution methods ranging from serial section focused ion beam microscopy (chemistry, structure and grain mapping) at the grain scale/sub grain scale to (scanning) transmission electron microscopy and tomography (chemistry, crystal structure, dislocations, defects, etc) at the grain scale. In the former case, these methods lend themselves to time lapse studies able to track materials behaviour and structural evolution often in operando, providing a basis to set up and test image based finite element models based on realistic microstructures. In this presentation, the opportunities offered by such techniques will be investigated both with respect to correlating across time, for example to quantify deformation in 3D or the initiation and propagation of damage, but also across scales by linking x-ray and electron optical microscopes together into workflows that enable locations to be studied across multiple length scales. This scout and zoom approach enables regions of interest to be studied in great detail, either safe in the knowledge that such events are typical of behaviour as a whole or atypical. Examples will include the propagation of degradation phenomena such as corrosion, failure under coatings and creep cavitation as well as the action of healing mechanisms.


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