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DMMM2 Dates: July 25-26, 2015

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June 30, 2016

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July 15, 2016

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Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions (DMMM2)
July 25-26, 2016 • Norris University Center, Northwestern University • Evanston, Illinois, USA
Diversity in the Minerals, Metals and Materials Professions (DMMM2) will honor the recipient of the inaugural TMS Frank Crossley Diversity Award and the third recipient of the TMS Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award. For more information on either award, view Society Awards on the TMS Awards and Honors website.

Consider submitting a nomination for a colleague or friend who you believe meets the qualifications for either TMS diversity award through the Professional Honors & Awards Recognition Program. The TMS awards nomination form provides a list of the necessary documentation for a complete nomination package. Once a nomination is made, it is active for three years. The deadline to submit nominations is April 1.

The TMS Frank Crossley Diversity Award recognizes an individual who has overcome personal, professional, educational, cultural, or institutional adversity to pursue a career in minerals, metals, and/or materials.
Frank Crossley is a TMS/AIME member who joined in 1947. He made significant technical contributions to the field—most notably related to titanium and aerospace. As the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering, his non-technical achievements were equally inspiring, paving the way for many others to follow.
Carolyn Hansson
Professor, University of Waterloo
Citation: For overcoming professional, educational, cultural, and institutional challenges and adversity while pursuing a successful scientific research and management career within U.K. and U.S. universities and industry, Danish research laboratories, and Canadian academic institutions.

"TMS has been my professional home for 47 years! When I joined as a freshly minted Ph.D., recently arriving from the U.K. and working for Martin Marietta, it was my boss and mentor, Bert Westwood, who taught me the importance of becoming an active participant in the large professional community of metallurgists, and I have never looked back. I received the TMS-AIME Robert Lansing Hardy Gold Medal at the AIME 100th anniversary meeting in New York and have tried to live up to that promise ever since. I left the U.S. in 1980 and spent nine years in Denmark before emigrating to Canada in 1989. Attending my first TMS annual meeting after nine years felt very much like a homecoming to a very large, very warm family. I trust it will continue to do so for many years to come."

The TMS Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award recognizes an individual who has helped or inspired others to overcome personal, professional, educational, cultural, or institutional adversity to pursue a career in minerals, metals, and/or materials.
Ellen Swallow Richards (1842 – 1911) was the first woman admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the first U.S. professional degreed female scientist. She was also the first female member of TMS’ antecedent organization, AIME. Among many accomplishments, Richards was a metallurgist and is widely recognized as the founder of the ecology field.
Lynnette Madsen
Program Director, National Science Foundation
Citation: For written works and outstanding and visionary leadership in the creation and support of programs to increase diversity, and engagement in and endorsement of mentoring.

"I am very impressed with TMS’ dedication and efforts towards diversity. It will take a concerted effort across a broad spectrum of the community to make progress. It is absolutely necessary to tap and nurture all science and engineering talent to spark innovation, expedite technological progress, and provide fulfilling and productive careers. I applaud TMS for their focus on diversity and other science policy issues."


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