Visa Application Process
Meeting attendees from countries that require a visa to enter the United States are reminded that the process of obtaining a visa takes a minimum of three months. You are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and begin the application process early.

The U.S. State Department website includes visa information concerning temporary visitors to the United States that may be helpful to you.

Please note that the Department of Homeland Security is implementing the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which is expected to be mandatory for Visa Waiver Program travelers. Complete information is available on the Visa Waiver Program page of the U.S. State Department website.

Guest and Family Travel
Walt Disney World and Orlando, Florida, are known for family-friendly theme parks and other notable tourist attractions. Attendees from outside of the U.S. should visit http://travel.state.gov to learn if a B-1 Tourist visa is required for family members travelling to Orlando. TMS can only provide letters of invitation for B-1 Business visa applications for travelers who will register and attend TMS2015.


How to Request a Visa Letter
To request an official visa invitation letter for TMS2015, please choose a button below.

If you need additional assistance, contact Phyllis Roessler at 1-724-776-9000 ext. 256 or email proessler@tms.org.

Please note that this letter does not guarantee you will be granted a visa. TMS cannot send the letter to an embassy or consulate for you nor can we contact the embassy or consulate on your behalf. It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry to the U.S. It is crucial for the success of the application to apply at least three months in advance. TMS may contact program participants (abstract submitters) to follow-up on specific visa requirements and may provide customized letters and supporting documentation as needed.

TMS Members Only International Travel Resources
An extensive online library of tools is available on the TMS Members Only home page for help with acquiring a visa and preparing for travel to meetings or business events in the United States. Select "International Travel" from the tool bar on the left after logging in for access to articles and information, as well as links to official government and agency resources, updates, forms, and websites.


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