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TMS Introduces New Mentoring Program

A new program, open exclusively to TMS members, pairs mentees seeking guidance and support in the early phases of their career with more experienced mentors who are willing to commit time and energy to the professional development of someone newer to the field. Mentorships encourage participation in the mission of TMS by developing personalized professional goals to guide and expand the mentees’ understanding of volunteer possibilities within the Society.

We are now seeking applicants to serve as both mentors and mentees. You can learn more about the roles and requirements for both positions and fill out an application form through the TMS Mentoring Program website. A limited number of slots are available in the program, so register now to secure your place. Mentor pairings will be announced in early 2025.

TMS2024 Recordings Now Available

Two recordings from the TMS 2024 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2024) are now available through ChannelTMS on YouTube.
Watch the 2024 TMS-AIME Awards Ceremony, a highlight of this year's meeting, including the induction of the 2024 Class of TMS Fellows, presentations of TMS Society-level awards, and award presentations from the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) and Acta Materialia, Inc.
A recording of the TMS Launch Your Career Workshop, a session sponsored by the TMS Emerging Professionals at TMS2024, is also now available. In this two-part interactive workshop, students and emerging professionals learned how to launch their careers while having their questions answered by panelists representing academia, industry, and government. Watch the full event to learn how to kickstart your career or enter a new career sector.


Editor's Choice: Read Outstanding Papers from TMS Journals for Free

A limited number of Editor’s Choice articles from TMS journals are selected and made available to the public at no charge. This distinct honor is awarded to fewer than 5% of papers published in the respective journals each year. In addition to high-quality writing, these notable articles are distinguished by attributes such as outstanding science, innovative methods, impactful outputs, historical significance, and/or broad interest to the readership.

Click to read the following selections from recent issues for free:

April Journal of the Month


"Modeling of Solidification Process and Investigation of Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Micron-Sized Spherical Cu Particles," Pengyu Li, et al.

TMS members can access the full content of all of these journals by logging in to the Journals section of the TMS website.