Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is one of the TMS Functional Committees.

Our Mission: The Board of Directors shall have general supervision and charge of the property, affairs, and finances of the Society. The Board of Directors shall approve the operating budget for the Society, accept committee assignments and reports, fill any vacancies on the Board by appointing members for the balance of unexpired terms, make or approve the appointment of all committee chairmen, fill any vacancy in any office, and cause a full report concerning the affairs of the Society to be rendered to the members at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

The officers of the Society shall consist of the President, the Past President, the Vice President, the Financial Planning Officer, and the Executive Director. The remaining Board positions shall be comprised of Functional Directors and Division Directors, as members shall from time to time determine. The officers of the Society serve a three-year term.

Photographs and biographies of each member of the Board of Directors is available for review on the Board of Directors page.


Welcome to the Board of Directors
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