Composite Materials Committee

JOM Topics

The following topics appear in recent issues of JOM under the sponsorship of our committee.
Date: March 2018
Organized By: Jonathan Spowart, Dirk Lehmhus, and Nikhil Gupta
Title: Additive Manufacturing of Composites and Complex Materials
Date: June 2018
Organized By: Nikhil Gupta and Mrityunjay Doddamani
Title: Metal and Polymer Matrix Composites
Date: November 2017
Organized By: Nikhilesh Chawla
Title: Nanolaminates
Date: January 2016
Organized By: Muralidharan Paramsothy, Dirk Lehmhus, and James Njuguna
Title: Futuristic Nanomaterials and Composites: Part II