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Welcome to the Structural Materials Division (SMD)!

Welcome to the TMS Structural Materials Division (SMD) website! According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “structural” can mean “relating to or forming part of the structure of a building or other item”, or “relating to the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of a complex whole”. As it would happen, the SMD matches both these descriptions in form and function. We consist of a highly diverse group of international volunteers with a shared commitment to advance the science and engineering of load-bearing materials, thereby solving some of society’s greatest challenges. The SMD consists of 14 technical committees, which individual foci, but often with intersecting goals at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary science. The primary aim of these committees is to develop publications and conference technical programming that leads our field and energizes new ideas. These aims are further enabled through the development and recognition of volunteers at all levels, from undergraduate students to distinguished senior members.

The field of structural materials is rapidly evolving, but in recent years, it has been fueled by advancements such as additive manufacturing approaches, data science computational methods, unprecedented temporal and special resolution characterization, novel complex alloy development strategies and the design for materials in “extreme” environments, such as hypersonic travel, nuclear environments or materials that withstand the rigors of travel beyond our tiny blue dot. Integrating and harnessing these and other emerging technologies is enabling the discovery of accelerated pathways to addressing societal needs for sustainability, energy efficiency, medicine, transportation and a host of additional critical technologies. The SMD community is proud to be at the forefront of these developments.

If you are interested in serving in a volunteer role for the SMD, please do not hesitate to bring your energy and new ideas. TMS aspires to provide both equal opportunity AND inclusion for participation from the international community, realizing that diversity is a key to new ideas and transformative change. For more information on the TMS Aspires strategic plan, please visit: Please do not hesitate to contact anyone in the SMD if you would like to be involved as a volunteer leader and help us realize these goals. We will look forward to see your faces and harnessing your energy to change our community and society for the better.

Suveen Mathaudhu
Structural Materials Division Chair
2022 - 2025

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