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Welcome to the Structural Materials Division (SMD)!

The TMS Structural Materials Division (SMD) is a large and vibrant community of international volunteer leaders who are working to improve society through the science and engineering of structural materials. The SMD consists of 14 technical committees that sponsor programming and publications for a broad range of materials classes, operating environments and associated technologies. The SMD also actively builds new career development opportunities and sponsors recognition and awards for deserving professionals.

These are exciting times for the science and engineering of structural materials. New classes of structural materials are being conceived, new experimental methods and materials characterization techniques are being developed and new manufacturing processes are being established. Computational tools continue to advance and to become mainstream and new methods such as machine learning and data analytics are being explored. Integrating these emerging capabilities offers new opportunities to dramatically accelerate materials discovery and development.

This is an important time for new leaders with new ideas. The SMD embraces the TMS aspirational goals to be a highly inclusive society; the place where global materials practitioners come together and the society that envisions, defines and enables the future: TMS Strategic Goals. I urge you to become involved as an SMD volunteer leader to help us achieve these goals. For more information about joining one of the SMD committees, please contact the committee chair by clicking on the committee of your choice on the SMD homepage, then clicking on Committee Roster on the right hand side of the page. You may also contact me personally; I look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Miracle, SMD Chair, 2019 - 2022

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