Join a TMS Awards Committee

TMS Award Committee members evaluate nominations/applications for TMS awards and work with other committee members to select award recipients. Each TMS award has its own selection committee. Volunteers are matched with the award committee that best suits their expertise. 

Why Should You Join a TMS Awards Committee?

The benefits to your career include the opportunity to:

  • Encourage excellence in your field
  • Sharpen your evaluation and judgment skills
  • Network with others in your technical area

Time Commitment

The majority of award recipients are determined from May to August. The time needed varies based on the number of applicants for an award. Volunteers must have time to carefully review each nomination packet or application and to thoroughly evaluate each candidate. Volunteers are also expected to participate in conference calls with other committee members to determine award recipients.

Role and Responsibilities

Learn more about the role of a TMS Awards Committee member and the responsibilities involved with this introductory PowerPoint presentation.

How To Get Started

To learn how to get involved with a TMS Awards Committees, please contact the TMS Volunteerism Staff