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TMS is a globally recognized leader for practical, solutions-based professional development courses for the aluminum industry. Networking events, plant tours, and individualized instructor attention provide unmatched opportunities to connect and learn from colleagues and companies from throughout the world.


Upcoming Course Offerings

September 10-14, 2023
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

The following two courses will be held in the same location, both with a plant tour of their respective interest areas. However, registration for these events is separate, and participants must attend only the sessions of the course for which they specifically registered.

Anode Technology for the Aluminum Industry

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Improve efficiency and anode performance with your company by developing your skills and understanding in this practical, operations-focused course.

Lead Organizer:

Les Edwards, Rain Carbon Inc.

Additional Instructors:

Christopher Kuhnt, Rain CII Carbon LLC
Stephen Lindsay, Alcoa/Hatch
Alan Tomsett, Rio Tinto Pacific Operations
Barry Sadler, Net Carbon Consulting Pty Ltd

Control of Potline Scrubber & Fugitive Emissions for Aluminum Smelters Course

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Leading industry experts provide a complete, intensive overview of the latest techniques for controlling and reducing emissions from primary aluminum smelters.

Lead Organizer:

Stephan Broek, Kensington Technology Inc.

Additional Instructors:

Stephen Lindsay, Alcoa/Hatch
James Metson, The University of Auckland
David Wong, Atmolite Consulting Pty Ltd

Additional Courses in the TMS Portfolio

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Aluminum Cast Shop Science and Technology

Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis Course: The Definitive Course on Theory and Practice of Primary Aluminum Production

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