Technical Division Student Poster Contest

Each year at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, the five TMS technical divisions sponsor a student poster contest to highlight the work of undergraduate and graduate students.

Contest Participant Qualifications

In addition to developing poster presentations of technical interest to members of the five TMS technical divisions, participants must satisfy the following qualifications:

  • Authors must be full-time students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.
  • Authors must register to attend the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition and be present to put up and take down the posters.
  • Authors must be present during a scheduled Exhibit Showing (similar to a science fair) to answer questions and discuss their work.
  • Each author may use up to a 45" x 45" space. If a poster exceeds this space, it will be neither presented nor eligible for the contest. (Authors are assigned display numbers prior to the conference to designate where presentations should be posted.)
  • Visual aids that could clarify the results of your own work are encouraged. Do not, however, post your paper text. Graphics should be simple, colorful, well-labeled, and clear. The title should be written in letters 2 to 5 cm high, and all material should be readable from a distance of 2 m.


Submit a Poster Abstract

Applicants must choose to submit their poster to ​one ​​of the five TMS technical divisions:

  • Extraction & Processing Division
  • Functional Materials Division
  • Light Metals Division
  • Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division
  • Structural Materials Division

To submit a poster, visit ProgramMaster and select the appropriate TMS Annual Meeting from the list. Select Technical Division Student Poster Contest from the list of symposia, and submit your abstract. You will need to either log in (if you've used ProgramMaster before) or register as a new user in order to submit your poster abstract. 

Information on the TMS Technical Division Student poster contest can also be found on the current TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition website.

Contact Us

To learn more about TMS student programs, contact us by e-mail or at 1-724-776-9000.