Materials Explorers

Materials Explorers™ is a free STEM educational outreach initiative built on the premise that innovative teaching techniques—grounded in project-based learning, real-world connections to student experience, and exposure to potential STEM role models—can excite and inspire students about science and math concepts, while encouraging them to investigate these topics as potential career pathways.

Materials Explorers™

is made possible through the generous support of

Jeffrey Wadsworth

To find out how your organization can get involved as a Materials Explorers™ sponsor, please contact Lynne Robinson, Marketing and Communications Department Head.

Make Science Connections That Inspire

The program content for Materials Explorers™ examines science and engineering themes presented through science fiction, fantasy, pop culture, and real-world technologies to actively engage students in the possibilities of science in a fun and accessible way. In addition, Materials Explorers™ encourages and supports TMS member volunteers to connect with schools and educational organizations for classroom visits that supplement the teaching concepts covered in the Materials Explorers™ curriculum, while serving as role models who can inspire students to see their own potential as future STEM professionals.

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Teachers: Download curriculum modules and direct your students to online enrichment and career exploration resources.

TMS Members: Join our volunteer list, download presentation templates, and access information to support your outreach to your local educational community.

A Special Thanks

Materials Explorers™ was developed as a collaborative effort of practicing high school educators and TMS member volunteers to create a hands-on, minds-on STEM curriculum. Materials Explorers™ has been prepared in accordance with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and designed to easily integrate into teaching plans to enhance student engagement and performance related to science and math skills and concepts.

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for their time, talents, and enthusiasm in establishing the Materials Explorers™ program:

Host Organization for Public Launch:

Arizona Science Center

Pilot Schools:

Aliquippa Junior-Senior High School
Alvin Gipson, Principal (10th-12th Grade)
Michael Malec, Teacher

Ambridge Area Senior High School
Ms. Janice Zupsic, Principal
Paul Hladio, Science Department Head
Deborah Stieving, Teacher

Franklin Regional Senior High School
Ron Suvak, Principal
Rebecca Connelly, Teacher

Vincentian Academy
Rita Canton, Principal
Timothy Hunsberger, Teacher

Educator Advisory Panel:
Jonathan Busch, Engineering
Jordan Kelsey, General Science
Amanda Levinson, Math
Melissa McCarthy, Chemistry; Physical Science
Cheryl Meyer, Chemistry

TMS Materials ExplorersTM Committee:
André Phillion (Chair), McMaster University
Hannah Coe, Oregon State University
Lauren Garrison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Howard Kuhn, University of Pittsburgh
Lily Nguyen, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Yoosuf Picard, Carnegie Mellon University

Advisors to the Committee:
Iver Anderson, Iowa State University/Ames Laboratory
Suveen Mathaudhu, University of California, Riverside/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

TMS Public & Government Affairs Committee:
John Howarter, (Chair), Purdue University
Eric Brown, (Co-Chair) Los Alamos National Laboratory

Contact Us

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