About the TMS Foundation

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Who We Are

The TMS Foundation seeks to strengthen and develop young professionals to meet the essential needs of the minerals, metals, and materials community. Through its scholarships, awards, and leadership development programs, the TMS Foundation plays a critical role in preparing talented individuals for their futures as industry leaders who can address the challenges of a changing profession, contribute to technical advancement, and drive innovation. By investing in promising students and supporting emerging leaders early in their careers, the Foundation is guaranteeing the future of the profession.

Our Mission

The mission of the TMS Foundation is to support the development of professionals in the minerals, metals, and materials community within the context of our global society by providing scholarships to the field’s most promising students and investing in the future of the profession and the industries it serves. The Foundation also funds programs that assist young professionals in attaining the highest level of technical, professional, and leadership development.

Meet the Trustees

Meet the individuals who volunteer their time and talents to ensure a bright future for the minerals, metals, and materials professions.