Travel Grants

The Society's technical divisions offer a limited number of travel grants up to $500 to student members interested in attending the TMS Annual Meeting or MS&T. Assistance is now provided by the five TMS technical divisions for the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition and three divisions sponsor travel to MS&T.

Students receiving travel grants are responsible for making their own meeting registration and travel arrangements. Award recipients must travel to and attend the conference in order to receive the travel funds associated with this award.

For the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, applications are due November 15, and assistance is provided by all five TMS technical divisions:

  • Extraction & Processing Division (EPD)
  • Functional Materials Division (FMD)
  • Light Metals Division (LMD)
  • Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division (MPMD)
  • Structural Materials Division (SMD)

For MS&T, applications are due June 15, and travel assistance is only available from the following divisions:

  • Functional Materials Division (FMD)
  • Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division (MPMD) 
  • Structural Materials Division (SMD)

This award is funded through the TMS Foundation.


  1. The applicant must be a current member of Material Advantage and/or TMS Graduate Student Program.
  2. Applicant must register to attend the relevant meeting.
  3. The applicant may not receive a TMS scholarship in the same year as a TMS Annual Meeting Travel grant. 

How to Apply

Submission Deadline:
November 15 – TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition (held in February or March)
June 15 – MS&T Conference (held in September or October)

Please submit online the following documents to complete the travel grant application process. Paper and e-mailed applications and letters will not be accepted.

  1. A completed application form. You may select one TMS technical division to apply through.
  2. A letter of interest (including the division's technical programming in which you are interested). This should be no more than one page in length.