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The Japan Institute of Metals (JIMM), and the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), and the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) established joint Young Leaders International Scholar Programs with TMS to promote young member activities and strengthen the collaborations between TMS and these two three international societies. These collaborations have resulted in exchange programs, which offer select young members the opportunity to present papers at international sessions.

TMS, FEMS, JIMM, and KIM identify one or more young leaders to travel to the other organization's meeting to present a paper. The chosen International Scholars also spend a few days visiting select industrial facilities, research labs, or universities. On their return, they are required to write an article about their experiences for their host organization's publication. The host organization supports the scholars, in part, during their stay overseas with complimentary meeting registration and financial/non-financial assistance as necessary. Award recipients must travel to and attend the conference in order to receive the travel funds associated with this award.

JIM holds a three-day annual meeting in both the spring and fall that total 2,500 paper presentations annually. Their technical division committee offers five to 10 symposia during the annual meetings on various topics and seven to nine symposia at other meetings. Subjects are advanced topics, which provide an opportunity for members to participate and pursue their individual technical interests.

Recipients are chosen by the members of the TMS Membership Diversity & Development Committee.

This award is funded by/through the TMS Foundation.


  1. Must be a member of TMS.
  2. Must be 40 years old or younger in order to participate in this program.
  3. Candidate should be a member actively participating in Young Leader activities.
  4. Candidate should have experience in presenting technical papers at functions associated with his or her member organization.
  5. Candidate should be a responsible individual, honor commitments and be able to spend seven days in Japan as a representative of the TMS organization.
  6. Candidate must possess presentation skills in English.
  7. Candidate should possess leadership skills.

How to Apply

Submission Deadline:
August 15 of each year.

Note that you may only apply to one International Scholar Program per year.

Please submit the following documents to complete the application process:

  1. Completed application form. Click on the How to Apply tab and read the instructions. After registering and logging into the site, click on Dashboard. Under My Programs, select Young Leader. Depending on the young leader award you select, different instructions and uploads will be populated.
  2. A copy of the applicant's CV or resume.
  3. Letter of application describing any TMS Young Leaders or other society activities, special achievements, honors or awards you have received. Indicate your leadership qualities and other attributes which might distinguish you as the candidate for selection, and why you would like to be chosen as a Young Leader International Scholar. Personal statements should be typed and no longer than one page.
  4. A 150-word abstract of applicant’s paper.
  5. A letter of recommendation from applicant's immediate supervisor or employer.

Send complete nomination packet to TMS Young Leaders Awards .

Current Year Awardee(s)

2024 Young Leaders International Scholar - JIMM
Jessica Krogstad
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Past Years Awardees

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