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Melt Refining, Solidification, and Downstream Processing to Mitigate Casting Defects

Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 01, 2024
Guest Editor: Dmitry Eskin
Co-Guest Editor:
Sponsored By: Aluminum
Publication Date: December 2024
Keywords: Aluminum, Magnesium, Melt Cleanliness, Casting Defects
Scope: Casting is the first stage of shaping and forming and the casting defects need to be mitigated throughout the processing to assure high-quality products. Original and review papers are invited on melt refining and processing (e.g., fluxing, filtration, degassing, modification), various casting processes (e.g., thermal and stress gradients control), and downstream processing (e.g., homogenization) where the process parameters are linked to the formation or mitigation of casting defects such as porosity, inclusions, cracking, and segregation.
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