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Green and Low-Carbon Extractive Metallurgy of Nonferrous Metals

Manuscript Submission Deadline: November 01, 2024
Guest Editor: Leiting Shen
Co-Guest Editors: Fiseha Tesfaye
Publication Date: May 2025
Keywords: Energy, Environmental Effects, Extraction and Processing, Recycling and Secondary Recovery, Nonferrous Metals
Scope: This special topic on green and low-carbon extractive metallurgy of nonferrous metals aims to frame a comprehensive discussion and data sharing that intensifies technological innovation on unit and process operations for fundamentally reducing auxiliary material consumption, energy consumption, and waste discharge. Manuscripts that promote innovative technologies on unit and process operations with less auxiliary material consumption, increased energy efficiency, emission reduction, improved recovery rates, recycling route, process modeling, etc. are especially welcome. The innovative treatments and comprehensive utilizations of wastes generated during the above processes are also in scope.
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