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Advancing Biomaterial Surfaces: Experimental and Simulation Studies

Manuscript Submission Deadline: January 01, 2025 (Manuscripts not accepted more than 6 months prior to this date)
Guest Editor: Gargi Shankar Nayak
Co-Guest Editors: Prateek Sharma
Publication Date: July 2025
Keywords: Computational Materials Science & Engineering, Surface Modification and Coatings, Thin Films and Interfaces
Scope: The future of healthcare relies on advanced biomaterials facilitating seamless interaction with the human body, employing techniques such as additive manufacturing, plasma and laser treatments, or photografting to enhance biomaterial surfaces for improved biocompatibility. Additionally, methods like FEM, DEM, MD, and DFT are utilized for modelling these processes. The integration of manufacturing techniques coupled with advanced simulation methods, propels the refinement of biomaterial surfaces for enhanced biocompatibility and medical efficacy. This special topic invites submissions encompassing experimental and simulation studies aimed at refining biomaterial surfaces, pivotal for advancing medical treatments.
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