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Environmental Degradation of Additively Manufactured Alloys

Manuscript Submission Deadline: October 01, 2021
Guest Editor: Kinga Unocic
Co-Guest Editors: Bai Cui
Publication Date: March 2022
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Characterization, Environmental Effects, High-Temperature Materials, corrosion, oxidation, internal oxidation, stresses, mass loss, oxide scale, water vapor, environment
Scope: Additive manufacturing has grown and expanded throughout different areas of applications. Given the significantly different microstructures of additively produced materials as compared with traditional materials, evaluation of their environmental degradation is essential for the prediction of performance and life in harsh environments. This special topic welcomes contributions that will foster discussion on how additively produced materials degrade in: (i) Corrosive environments; (ii) High-temperature, oxidizing environments; (iii) Harsh environments while under mechanical stress; and (iv) High-radiation environments.
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