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3D Nanoscale Characterization of Metals, Minerals, and Materials

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Guest Editor: Philip Eisenlohr
Co-Guest Editors: Arun Devaraj
Publication Date: September 2018
Keywords: Characterization
Scope: Atom probe tomography (APT) and correlative microscopy that combines APT with other characterization methods are now widely used for microstructural characterization of metals, minerals, and materials. This special topic invites papers demonstrating recent progress in utilization of APT along with correlative microscopy where the 3D nanoscale compositional information obtained using APT complements other structural or chemical state characterization or simulation results that aid understanding phase transformation mechanisms or structure–property relationships in materials. Potential topics could include correlative microscopy approaches that are particularly beneficial for understanding grain boundary segregation of elements, understanding nanoscale precipitation, or quantifying segregation of solutes or vacancies to crystal defects and interfaces.